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Get perspectives from leaders in the business process outsourcing and customer experience market.

    What Is 13th Month Pay?

    Learn what 13th month pay is and how to calculate it in this guide. This way, you can ensure complete salary compliance for your international workforce.

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    What is Microtasking?

    Microtasking is an indispensible business solution of the future. Make sure you engage the right team and partner to take advantage of this wave.

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    Choosing an Answering Service Provider

    A strong answering service partner can create additional value for your customers and ensure consistency and continuity of service. Find out what you should be looking for from your answering service.

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    What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

    Contracting commercial activity to a third-party company that has relevant expertise is termed business process outsourcing. The most common functions for outsourcing are customer service, accounting, payroll, human resources’ management. As a rule,...

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    What is Customer Care?

    Customer care is a lasting method of keeping a client safe. Customer care is one step ahead of traditional customer support by developing a special relationship. Although it does not involve the whole Point A to Point B customer journey, it is made...

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    2019 was a year full of learning and rapid change, and as we’ve been lucky enough to be named the global leader in Customer Service by Clutch, we thought we’d take the time to share the top trends we’re seeing in Customer Service for 2020:

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