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BPO Insights

Get perspectives from leaders in the business process outsourcing and customer experience market.

    Business Process Outsourcing for Fintech

    Fintech, or financial technology, is the development of new technology that helps financial services achieve their objectives. Companies use these tools and services to improve, automate and streamline processes related to finances.

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    Choosing a Business Process Outsourcing Partner

    The business processing outsourcing industry has changed the landscape of business as we know it. In a world where cost, speed, quality, and flexibility, are more important than geography, the trend to outsource business processes is gaining...

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    What Is 13th Month Pay?

    Learn what 13th month pay is and how to calculate it in this guide. This way, you can ensure complete salary compliance for your international workforce.

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    What is Microtasking?

    Microtasking is an indispensible business solution of the future. Make sure you engage the right team and partner to take advantage of this wave.

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    Choosing an Answering Service Provider

    A strong answering service partner can create additional value for your customers and ensure consistency and continuity of service. Find out what you should be looking for from your answering service.

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    What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

    Contracting commercial activity to a third-party company that has relevant expertise is termed business process outsourcing. The most common functions for outsourcing are customer service, accounting, payroll, human resources’ management. As a rule,...

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    What is Customer Care?

    Customer care is a lasting method of keeping a client safe. Customer care is one step ahead of traditional customer support by developing a special relationship. Although it does not involve the whole Point A to Point B customer journey, it is made...

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    What Is Customer Support Outsourcing?

    Customer support outsourcing means deputing lines of communication with clients to an external customer service provider. As a rule, this is contracted out through companies that have specialized expertise in handling calls. Deciding on whether you...

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    Features of Digital Content Moderation

    The method of tracking and implementing a fixed algorithm and instructions to decide on whether the content is acceptable or not is termed as content moderation. If an individual submits a post to the online resource, this will undergo a process of...

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    Why Should You Prioritize Back-Office Support?

    Back-office activities can’t be described as client-facing tasks, but have a predetermined role. Today, advanced companies prefer back-office outsourcing because they clearly understand the level of its importance. Employees who staff the...

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    How To Prepare Your Company For Outsourcing?

    Any organizational transformation, including preparing for outsourcing, usually requires thorough preparation, from goal-setting issues to issues of the process of job design. Not paying attention to the preparation phase can lead to disastrous...

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    4 Tips To Get Started With Your Marketing Outsourcing

    Marketing outsourcing is regarded as the transfer of the entire set of works in marketing and advertising or only part of the functions to an external provider on a subscription basis. Take into account that marketing is essentially an expense, not...

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    2019 was a year full of learning and rapid change, and as we’ve been lucky enough to be named the global leader in Customer Service by Clutch, we thought we’d take the time to share the top trends we’re seeing in Customer Service for 2020:

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    Is Outsourcing Social Media Management Worth The Cost

    Social presence has become a vital part of every company, regardless of whether it operates B2C or B2B. According to Statista, 92% of US-based firms with over 100 employees use social media for commercial objectives, where LinkedIn, Facebook, and...

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    Why Are Call Centers Outsourced?

    Customer service has become a primary focus of every successful business, and not surprising since having your customers satisfied gives you the ability to stay on top of the market and above the competition. In addition, a superior customer...

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    How Can Back Office Outsourcing Help Your Business?

    How Can Back Office Outsourcing Help Your Business? Back-office functions proceed with increasing the amount of work within SMEs and large enterprises. There is nothing as upset as the willingness to perform valuable tasks while spending time in...

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    How To Outsource Customer Service The Right Way?

    Although outsourcing customer service is used everywhere in business, its incorrect use leads to many drawbacks that have a destructive effect on the productivity of company processes. These risks include the threat of non-compliance with...

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    What Is Back Office Support And Why Is It Important?

    Although the Internet is teeming with relevant information on this matter, some people still ask in the browser: "what does back-office mean?" The back office is the answerable business unit for all the processes associated with its activities....

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    What is Data Management?

    Receiving, saving, arranging, and keeping the data created and gathered by a business is termed data management. Efficient information management is an integral part of utilizing the computer systems that launch business applications and give...

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    Why Is a Service Level Agreement Essential?

    Service providers require service level agreements (SLAs) to run the expectations of their clients and determine the impact of an issue on their business processes and conditions based on which they are not responsible for interruptions or problems...

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    How Can AI Complement People In Customer Support?

    In terms of customer support, artificial intelligence (AI) implies a technological system for assessing actual scenarios with the help of data gathered from virtual or real sources to offer customized guidance, options, and answers to client’s...

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    How To Outsource Back Office Operations Effectively?

    Establishing and improving effective communication with an outsourcing company is crucial. Strive to understand your requirements. Specify if all operations actually require to be contracted out or if it is better to perform some of them in-house....

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    5 Affordable Ways to Enhance Customer Service

    A common misperception exists that providing top-notch customer service will cost you a fortune. This is simply not the case. In fact, providing better customer service will not only lower your rates but will also reduce the cost to serve each...

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    Customer Support Metrics

    You can’t improve what you don’t measure. It’s a common enough phrase, but say you want to improve your customer support. What do you track?

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    Critical Questions to Ask When Outsourcing

    Call centers are branches that manage all the telephone questions associated with the company. Such a piece of work needs to be carried out by experts who understand how to work with various customers and give the relevant information about your...

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    What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing?

    Running a small business implies hiring multiple talents, some of which you may not have enough to be efficient. In this case, outsourcing is helpful for your company. Otherwise, your brand may not grow as quickly as you wish. To make matters worse,...

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