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TOP 10 BPO Countries to Consider When Outsourcing Your Operations

By 2030, it is projected that the global market for business process outsourcing (BPO) will achieve a remarkable milestone, surging to a value of $525 billion. BPO teams give high-quality service at...

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By 2030, it is projected that the global market for business process outsourcing (BPO) will achieve a remarkable milestone, surging to a value of $525 billion.

BPO teams give high-quality service at a low amount that’s perfect not only for large businesses but also for the budget of an SME. If you’re new to outsourcing and want to know where and how to start, here’s a quick guide to the top countries to outsource and how you can start.

Trending Countries: TOP Outsourcing Destinations


The Philippines belongs to the top outsourcing destinations in Southeast Asia for outsourcing services, earning the title of 'The BPO Capital of the World' for over a decade. Major international companies like Microsoft, Facebook, AmericanExpress, and UnitedHealth Group have chosen to outsource to the Philippines.

Among the wide array of services outsourced to Asian countries, customer services, data entry, financial and accounting, and various other BPO services are extremely demanded in the Philippines. 

Currently, Helpware has offices in Cebu and Manila within the thriving outsourcing ecosystem of the Philippines. Our dedicated teams in the country bring significant value to our esteemed clients, equipped with the necessary set of customer experience skills and a deep understanding of advanced technologies.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Filipinos stand out in the global outsourcing market because of their English proficiency, making them ideal for businesses targeting English-speaking clients.
  • The country offers competitive labor costs starting at $10 per hour, ensuring cost savings without compromising on service quality.
  • With round-the-clock support and minimal time zone differences, businesses can rely on uninterrupted service from BPO companies in the Philippines.
  • The Philippine government established the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), providing tax exemptions and benefits.
  • PEZA registration is available for various outsourcing activities, such as software development, BPO services, and IT outsourcing, among others.


Recognized historically for its strength in manufacturing, Mexico is now emerging as one of the compelling nearshore BPO destinations for US enterprises across sectors such as IT, customer services, and Human Resources.

Notably, industry giants such as Honeywell and General Motors have established their operations in Mexico since the 1990s. Furthermore, tech powerhouses like Amazon, Facebook, and Intel have chosen to outsource their technical talent to Mexico. This shift highlights the growing prominence of Mexico’s IT sector, which is also considered to be one of the most advanced in Latin America, offering a rich pool of talent and technological innovation.

Helpware has strategically established offices in Guadalajara, the country's second-largest city with a population of nearly 5.4 million, and Queretaro, making them a prime outsourcing destination that offers budget-friendly solutions for our team and clients.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Mexico's potential in the international outsourcing market remains largely untapped, resulting in a higher employee retention rate compared to more saturated BPO destinations.
  • With a strong digital presence, Mexico was 13th on the 2021 Top 50 Digital Nations List. This ranking reflects its diverse population, innovative culture, and access to cheap employees.
  • Mexico and the US share the same time zone, therefore it is a preferred destination for American companies and global organizations that wish to outsource their operations.
  • Great cost savings for businesses.

Puerto Rico

US companies now have the opportunity to use BPO services by partnering with nearby Caribbean and Pacific vendors, eliminating cultural incompatibility and remote management challenges. One such promising nearshoring destination is Puerto Rico, widely regarded as an ideal choice for businesses seeking strategic outsourcing solutions.

Key industries for outsourcing call services remain healthcare, technology, banking, education, etc. With Puerto Rico's exceptional services and skilled talent pool, it is possible to save up to 30% on outsourcing costs for your business operations.

Our San Juan office in Puerto Rico, situated in the capital city, provides US companies with a secure and protected environment for their outsourcing business needs. With access to a highly skilled team, Helpware is committed to delivering exceptional results and a seamless CX 

Main reasons to outsource:

  • With operations mirroring US culture and competitive costs, Puerto Rico promotes economic growth by significantly investing in its call center industry, transportation, high-speed internet, and advanced telecommunication.
  • It houses a skilled labor force of bilingual BPO agents fluent in both Spanish and English. While Spanish is dominant, over 80% of the population is proficient in English.


The United States boasts a successful domestic outsourcing industry. According to the industry report presented by IbisWorld, the USA had notable 3.5% growth in BPO services in 2022. As of that year, the country is home to over 260,000 BPO service companies, solidifying its position in the outsourcing market. This demonstrates that businesses in the US have the advantage of business process outsourcing within their own country, eliminating the need to search elsewhere.

Helpware, a global BPO company in the USA, holds a position in the top 10 list. Headquartered in Lexington, KY, with additional offices in Kentucky, Virginia, and California, Helpware specializes in creating tailor-made teams to deliver top-notch customer service and back-office support.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Effective information security protocols and privacy regulations.
  • Diverse cost options for assisting different business sizes and service requirements.
  • Exceptional language skills, tech proficiency, and motivated in-house and remote teams.
  • Agile staffing and impressive scalability capabilities.

South Africa

South Africa has secured the top position as the global front office customer experience offshore location of choice, as recognized by the Annual Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey 2021. In 2020, South Africa's BPO sector employed over 270,000 people across six cities, with a market value of $461 million.

Growth is anticipated at a three percent annual rate. Brimming with a dynamic pool of young, tech-savvy, and highly educated graduates in finance, IT, and customer service, this country surpasses even the boldest expectations.

Africa boasts a skilled talent pool with multilingual capabilities experienced in providing customer assistance through phone, email, and chat channels.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • With English as the native language of Uganda customer support agents effortlessly navigate diverse accents and communicate effectively with customers.
  • Africa is the top outsourcing destination because it offers a good business environment and support from the local government.
  • Round-the-clock service to Western clients. With SAST aligning closely with Central Europe and America, the location offers only a few-hour time difference, ensuring seamless interactions.


Seeking nearshore outsourcing at a low cost? Explore the benefits of partnering with a call center vendor in Georgia. Emerging as a dynamic force in the European business scene, Georgia excels in voice and non-voice business process services, along with IT.

Georgia has a robust digital infrastructure and advanced communications technology. Many global and local firms thrive in Georgia, supported by new incentives for IT and Business Process Outsourcing. Key service hubs for BPO sectors are Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi.

Continuing our global expansion, Helpware is thrilled to have a new office in Georgia, a hub of superior tech and outstanding outsourced talent, promising enhanced opportunities for our clients.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Multilingual workforce with technical abilities.
  • Favorable time zone alignment with the Western markets.
  • A business-friendly environment with reduced trade barriers and favorable conditions for international trade.


Ukraine is a leading European hub for software development services, showcasing rapid growth and a vast talent pool of skilled IT professionals. Ukraine, known for its industry expertise, is a significant player in the global IT market, hosting R&D branches of major companies like Microsoft, Apple, Boeing, and Samsung.

Recognized as a top offshoring and outsourcing destination by Gartner, Ukraine consistently ranks among the best in Europe for tech and IT outsourcing centers. Along with our core services, we also offer our clients premium digital marketing solutions, showing the wide range of our skills.

Currently, Ukraine is going through difficult times, but, despite everything, we continue to work here and have more than 300 employees who are very motivated and deliver top outcomes. We receive more and more projects regularly and bring exceptional results to our clients. Both Helpware’s offices are located in the historical centers of Kyiv and Lviv

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Very skilled and hardworking people with technical knowledge. Over 30,000 tech graduates enter the Ukrainian developer community each year, providing strong support and a continuous inflow of fresh talent.
  • The Ukrainian government is driving Ukraine towards IT leadership in software development outsourcing, backed by over 200,000 IT specialists.
  • Convenient time zone alignment with Europe.


Riding the wave of exponential growth in digitization and technological advancements, Albania is emerging as a promising contender in the outsourcing industry. Albania's reputation predominantly lies in its provision of customer service for European businesses, with Italian companies making up the lion's share of their clientele at 85%.

The capital city, Tirana, serves as a significant hub for this industry, hosting 800 call centers. Remarkably, these centers employ around 12% of the city's population, which is approximately 180,000 people.

Helpware has an office in the capital city of Tirana that has witnessed substantial growth in its IT and software development sectors.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Albania provides cost-effective outsourcing with lower living costs and competitive salaries.
  • Albania talent's excellent language proficiency in English, Italian, French, German, and Albanian ensures efficient delivery of various outsourcing services such as customer support, content development, and more, catering to businesses targeting a European audience, including the USA.


Poland, with 38 million people, is a big EU economy. EU membership has helped it get funds, grow its economy, reduce unemployment, and improve its infrastructure. Major Polish IT outsourcing centers are in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Tri-city, and Poznan. Notably, Poland's outsourcing sector is revered for its robust experience in software development. Poland boasts excellent English skills, ranking 11th globally in the EF English Proficiency Index, and getting ahead of many countries in Europe. 

Being a leading outsourcing company, Helpware's teams in Poland are adept at handling any business operations task with unparalleled efficiency.

Helpware also operates in Krakow, a city nestled in Poland's southern region, renowned for its tech talent and emphasis on quality education. This pool of expertise allows Helpware to attract exceptional employees. Outsourcing to Krakow offers businesses the advantage of acquiring top-tier talent at competitive rates.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Outstanding programming skills and a dense pool of talent.
  • European work ethics and proficiency in English.
  • Time closeness to Europe and just a 6-hour time difference with New York.
  • Opportunity to get high-quality employees for lower rates.


Germany, the EU's most populous country, is a prime outsourcing destination for businesses. Its position as Europe's leading industrial nation and the world's fourth-largest economy speaks to its financial attractiveness.

The nation's unique dual professional education system combines hands-on job training with classroom lessons, producing a skilled and competitive workforce. With its large, multilingual talent pool having international exposure, Germany shows great results in catering to global outsourcing needs.

Helpware maintains offices in Berlin, a city renowned for its rich culture and liberal spirit. Our Berlin teams offer affordable, innovative solutions for clients seeking superior outsourcing services.

Main reasons to outsource:

  • Robust telecommunications infrastructure and network.
  • Considerable government support for streamlined outsourcing.
  • Scalable BPO operations in multiple metropolitan areas with large populations.
  • Competitive salaries and quality compared to regional BPO industry competitors.

The Success of Outsourcing Services: Key Considerations for Perfect Fit with Your Business

Before starting your successful outsourcing partnership, it is preferred to determine planning and budgeting. Before making the decision, consider these essential steps in your outsourcing preparation:

Financial Planning is Crucial

Before hiring a BPO company, assess your finances. Opt for firms offering quality services at fair rates. Be cautious of deals that seem too good, they might compromise service quality. Consider the top 10 BPO destinations, as their location can influence taxes and cost factors. For cost-effective, quality service, choose nearshore or offshore options.

Discover More About the Company's Services and Prices

Find more information about various companies that interest you. Compare their prices and possibly outsourced services to find the ideal match for your needs. If you're not completely satisfied with the first three options, continue to learn about other BPO destinations. Remember, it's not just about finding the lowest price; prioritize finding the best service for both you and your customers.

Expand Your Search for a Variety of Outsourcing Companies

Start your search for an ideal outsourcing partner online. Use current top lists, BPO rankings, and company reviews to inform your choices. Examine BPO services to understand their diverse offerings in-depth, such as omnichannel customer support, back office operations, tech support, or software development. Dive deeper into the websites of potential outsourcing companies. If a company aligns with your needs, reach out to them directly for more insights.

Check Reviews About the BPO Companies on Trusted Platforms

When conducting research, don't rely solely on one perspective. Seek out reviews on platforms like Google Reviews and Trustpilot to gain insights into the satisfaction levels of a company's clients. Pay attention to any negative feedback concerning hidden charges, as it may raise concerns about their offers. If you find reports of poor agent performance on platforms like Indeed, Comparably, or Glassdoor, question the service quality of those BPO destinations and vendors. Avoid risking customer loss due to negative reviews from an outsourced team.

Final Note 

Top BPO destinations and outsourcing BPO services present a tremendous opportunity for businesses to boost productivity and reduce expenses. Many of the top countries among BPO destinations provide distinct advantages in outsourcing services, ranging from accessing skilled workers with specialized expertise at affordable labor costs to tax incentives offered by respective governments. Ultimately, the choice is yours. When undertaking your next significant project or task, carefully consider the approach that aligns best with your requirements. Helpware, a multinational BPO company with a reputable standing, is here to fulfill your onshore or offshore business needs and exceed customer expectations.

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