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Technical Issues On Food Delivery Apps: How To Handle Them Without Losing Your Customers

The food delivery business has absolutely exploded in the last few years. Food delivery revenue in the US spiked to $22.4 billion in 2021 alone, and the market size is on track to double to $320...

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The food delivery business has absolutely exploded in the last few years. Food delivery revenue in the US spiked to $22.4 billion in 2021 alone, and the market size is on track to double to $320 billion in the next seven years. Doordash is one of the most popular food delivery companies, and it has a whopping 20 million active consumers and a 57% market share in the US. 

Yet, with all of this success comes fierce competition. It's not enough to create an app and publish it to the app store. Food delivery companies need to have a flawless user interface (UI). They need to display accurate timing and pricing in real-time and wow customers at every step of the user journey. 

In this post, we discuss some of the technical issues that food delivery apps face and how to overcome these challenges with proactive customer service. 

Technical Issues Create Negative Customer Experiences 

There are numerous issues that could happen in an average user's experience with App Like Foodpanda or any other food delivery app

First and foremost, apps need to do a great job of estimating delivery times. As the demand for faster and more efficient deliveries rises, implementing advanced route optimization algorithms has become imperative for companies to streamline their operations and enhance the overall customer experience. Research shows that 24% of the complaints come from missing food items, food arriving too cold, or unacceptably late delivery. And customers experiencing these difficulties are going to complain. Of note, customers are more likely to complain about late delivery (36%) than a missing side or main dish (30%). 

What's more, consumer research shows that most customers (80%) want to get a phone call when there are technical difficulties, and 93% said they expect resolution within ten minutes. However, people don't always get a message when food delivery apps reach out. The problem: Around 62% of the respondents said they received a missed call but didn't answer it because it came from an unknown number. 

Providing Proactive Support to Customers 

Taking a proactive approach to customer support can help food delivery apps address these issues. In truth, world-class support is essential to help customers overcome technical hurdles and complete their transactions. Helpware offers the right customer service solution for food delivery apps and helps provide the high-quality support that's needed to help increase retention and customer satisfaction. 

Helpware supports companies with: 

  • Setting up omnichannel and multi-language support
  • Onboarding new customers with proactive, automated messages and artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat flows
  • Expert human support at every stage of the user journey

Brands that Use Proactive Customer Support Stay Ahead of the Competition

Everyone knows that returning customers spend more and make up a majority of the revenue of any business. And it's even more true in the food delivery industry. Here's why: Returning customers brings in a significant share of the revenue for food delivery brands, so it's vital for an app to improve its user experience to retain its customers. 

Even with the best app, issues with ordering or delivery will happen from time to time. The best way to mitigate them and save that customer from churning is by delivering proactive customer support. Need help setting that up? Get started with Helpware today.



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