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Benefits of outsourcing to Georgia

Diverse talent, cost-effective solutions, and ideal time zone connectivity make Georgia a great choice for outsourcing business operations.


Diverse and Expert Talent Pool

Georgia is home to a wealth of highly skilled professionals, especially in IT, SaaS, and Customer Experience (CX). This is due to the country's dedicated investment in education and training in these high-demand tech sectors. If you are looking for experts skilled in the latest technological advancements, Georgia is your prime destination.


Competitive Cost Advantage

Georgia stands out for its cost-effective solutions, especially when it comes to labor costs, while still maintaining high quality. This economic benefit makes it an appealing choice for companies seeking to make the most of their investments, maintain high standards, and tap into a skilled workforce without overstretching their budgets.


Ideal Time Zone Connectivity

Georgia's time zone is a strategic plus, offering convenient working hours for both European and Asian markets. This geographical advantage means smoother, more efficient collaboration with global teams, making it easier to work across different continents without the hurdles related to the time difference.


Gateway for Global Business

Georgia’s unique location makes it a prime hub for global business operations as it is nestled between the East and West, providing easy access to international markets and enabling efficient logistics and communications. It's an ideal spot for companies looking to expand their reach into both European and Asian markets.

Georgia Showcase

Discover the dynamic environment at Helpware's Georgia site, a place where advanced tech and human creativity converge.


Georgian TALENTS

Available Services

We have a team of skilled and committed professionals offering diverse services.

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iconCustomer Support iconsvg

Our CSRs in Georgia ensure exceptional customer experience for customers across all channels.

iconData Annotation iconsvg

We offer services for “human annotation” of datasets at scale and our team of experienced annotators uses advanced techniques to accurately label data.

iconAI Operators iconsvg

Our team will ensure your AI model outputs are relevant, valid, and complete by carefully spotting errors and inconsistencies.

iconSocial Media Support iconsvg

Social networks make a convenient platform for interaction with customers. We ensure this communication is smooth and efficient.

iconBack-office iconsvg

Our back-office solutions offer superior administrative support, allowing our clients to experience smoother and more efficient processes.

iconSales support iconsvg

Our team is trained to assist in lead generation and the necessary sales support to help you achieve your sales goals.

iconVoice Support iconsvg

Traditional phone and video calls remain popular for their personal touch, offering direct, empathetic solutions to customer issues.

iconNon-voice Support iconsvg

We offer 24/7 customer support through chat, email, SMS, and in-app services, ensuring efficient and convenient resolution of customer issues.

We provide seamless operations and unmatched security


Dual Internet Connectivity

To ensure uninterrupted service, we have set up two separate Internet lines to guarantee consistent online access, which is important for maintaining seamless operations and communication.


Consistent Electricity Supply

Having a reliable electricity supply is key to our operational efficiency. We've put in place robust systems to ensure a steady power supply, preventing disruptions and maintaining continuous productivity.


Secure VPN for Every Device

Every device on our network is secured with a VPN connection, ensuring data privacy and a safe environment for handling sensitive information. This enhances overall security and maintains data integrity.


Personalized User Access

Each team member is assigned unique credentials, granting individual access that is both controlled and closely monitored. This system ensures enhanced security, effectively safeguarding our clients' sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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We have answers

What makes Georgia an attractive location for outsourcing business operations?

Georgia is an appealing destination for outsourcing due to its diverse and expert talent pool, competitive cost advantage, and ideal time zone connectivity. It offers a strategic geographical position between Europe and Asia, facilitating global business operations and providing access to a skilled workforce at cost-effective rates.

What type of talent and skills can businesses access in Georgia?

Businesses in Georgia can access a highly skilled pool of professionals, especially those proficient in IT, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Customer Experience (CX). The country's focus on education and training in these areas ensures a workforce well-versed in the latest technological domains.

How does Georgia’s IT infrastructure support digital ventures?

Georgia's advanced IT infrastructure is a testament to its commitment to technological innovation. This infrastructure supports digital ventures by providing reliable internet connectivity, consistent electricity supply, and enhanced data security through secure VPNs and personalized user access.

What are some of the key services offered by Helpware in Georgia?

Helpware in Georgia offers a variety of services including data annotation, content moderation, AI operations, customer support, IT support, back-office solutions, sales support, and data entry. These services are provided by a team of skilled professionals committed to delivering high-quality results.

How does Helpware’s Georgia location benefit companies looking to expand globally?

Georgia's strategic location, acting as a gateway between Europe and Asia, benefits companies looking to expand globally. It provides easy access to various international markets, efficient logistics, and communications, making it an ideal spot for businesses aiming to extend their reach into both European and Asian markets.

What measures does Helpware Georgia take to ensure operational continuity and data security?

Helpware Georgia ensures operational continuity and data security through dual internet connectivity, a consistent electricity supply, a secure VPN for every device, and personalized user access. These measures guarantee uninterrupted service, a steady power supply, and a secure environment for handling sensitive information.