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Managing Customer Support Across Multiple Marketplaces

Marketplaces are quickly becoming the best way to sell your eCommerce goods online. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have a combined user base of over three billion monthly visitors. Research shows that 89%...

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Marketplaces are quickly becoming the best way to sell your eCommerce goods online. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have a combined user base of over three billion monthly visitors. Research shows that 89% of users are more likely to buy something on Amazon than on any other eCommerce site. So if your brand isn't selling on these marketplaces, you're missing out on a massive chunk of potential sales. 

With all the advantages come some challenges. For one, it isn't easy to deliver exceptional and consistent customer support to all of these customers across each platform. It's hard to find a customer service team that's experienced enough on each platform and can be available 24/7. 

In this post, we discuss some of these challenges and how your business can mitigate them.

The Customer Support Conundrum

One of the challenges of selling on marketplaces is that they are all different. And you have to train your team on the features of each one separately because each one has its own ticketing system, inbox, way to fulfill items, and its own set of procedures. So a customer support team has to be knowledgeable in all the processes of each marketplace, and that's a lot to remember. 

Also, your team would have to be available 24/7. So you need to have agents in multiple time zones to have the ability to answer customers on all these different platforms. Another challenge for brands that sell internationally is the critical importance of multilingual support. Companies have to be able to support customers in various languages. And we're not talking about a nicely translated FAQ page. We mean carrying conversations in different languages with clients in real-time. 

For all those reasons, finding and hiring the right in-house support agents to support customers across multiple marketplaces is challenging. That's why for many brands, the only solution is to hire an outsourced customer support team. 

The Solution: Outsourced Customer Service

Brands need to have a team that's experienced in each marketplace, knows all the procedures and processes to follow on each one, and can support customers in multiple languages. Outsourced customer support teams are flexible, agile, and driven. They can easily be trained on specific tools and technologies and can get up to speed on any particular channel very quickly. 

With outsourced customer support, you get a team of experts that can jump on the phone with your customers, and offer chat support, IT support, and email support. And they can do all of that in multiple languages in the customer's time zone. 

Grow your Marketplace Sales with the Right Customer Support Solution

The only way brands can sustainably grow their sales on eCommerce marketplaces is by outsourcing their customer support. Helpware has some of the best customer support agents in the world. We've worked with numerous brands and have the experience, technical knowledge, and flexibility to help your brand succeed. 

Check out our services and get started today!

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