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What Is Offshore Outsourcing? Everything You Need to Know

Offshore outsourcing usually implies a mutual benefit for partnering businesses, offering a unique blend where each party not only achieves what they expect but often receives even more. Business...

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Offshore outsourcing usually implies a mutual benefit for partnering businesses, offering a unique blend where each party not only achieves what they expect but often receives even more. Business process outsourcing has always been a smart way of collaboration, where certain tasks and processes are delegated to another company under agreed terms. It can bring efficiency and competitive advantage to your business. 

By employing various strategies to enhance competitiveness, most businesses also strive to reduce costs, which is possible through outsourcing staff from geographically distant locations. In this guide, we will take a closer look at offshore outsourcing, its advantages and disadvantages, and why businesses still consider choosing this type of partnership as their strategy for success. 

What Is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is a strategic approach where businesses engage a workforce from overseas locations. This business model has gained popularity as organizations, particularly in sectors like IT, e-commerce, fintech or logistics outsource their processes to countries such as the Philippines, South Africa, or Mexico for their competitive labor rates.

The practice of relocating various business functions abroad has surged across multiple sectors, initially taking root within the manufacturing realm. Companies in the United States began transferring production activities to countries that are developing to benefit from a talented pool of workers and experience cost efficiencies. Service sectors are now part of this trend as well, working with overseas talent to optimize expenses.

Here are compelling statistical figures that show the global adoption of offshore outsourcing:

  • Around 54% of companies worldwide have adopted offshore teams to interact with their customers, demonstrating the global reach of outsourcing practices.
  • Approximately two-thirds of American companies outsource at least one key business process abroad, highlighting the strategic importance of overseas outsourcing in the US.
  • An overwhelming 92% of the world's top 2000 public companies rely on IT outsourcing for their daily operations, underscoring the critical role of technology services sourced from abroad.

Despite the allure of substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies, hiring a workforce from abroad is challenging. Differences in time zones and the dependency on external partners to uphold quality standards pose potential risks. Nonetheless, numerous corporations, including industry giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft, have successfully implemented offshore outsourcing strategies, achieving significant benefits.

Global Adoption of Offshore Outsourcing: Updated Statistics

Offshore vs Onshore vs Nearshore Outsourcing

Now we know that offshore outsourcing is about hiring a company beyond your national borders to perform business processes and services you'd typically do in-house. At the same time, onshore outsourcing means you're partnering with a business right within your home country, for similar services.

Both approaches offer their unique advantages and deserve attention when you're exploring outsourcing opportunities. Yet, there's another option that frequently goes unnoticed but is equally worth considering: nearshore outsourcing. This strategy involves delegating work to a neighboring country. Take, for instance, numerous American businesses that collaborate with Mexican BPOs, benefiting from working with bilingual staff who operate in the same time zone, all while keeping costs down.

Why Businesses Choose Offshoring

Today's businesses are expanding their outlook on offshore outsourcing, realizing it delivers more than just savings. The appeal of offshoring extends beyond cutting operational costs. It's also seen as an effective strategy for overcoming global market challenges.

A major draw for companies to choose offshoring is the chance to lower labor costs by up to 70-90%. With economic unpredictability, keeping a steady income while controlling costs is tough. With offshoring companies can get a viable option to keep their operations going and support growth, especially when local expenses are too high.

At the same time, in a world where market competition is fierce, achieving results is vital. Offshoring allows businesses to boost their efficiency and streamline processes, like customer service, helping them stay ahead. This method doesn't just keep companies competitive, it helps them become more adaptive to the market changes and use new opportunities with confidence.

Innovation is key for businesses aiming to lead in their fields. Offshoring opens doors to global talent and resources, helping companies innovate and stay ahead. This ensures they continue to be strong players in their industries.

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Pros and Cons of Offshore Outsourcing

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to various international locations is important for well-rounded decision-making.

Before exploring all the nuances deeper, let's first look at the potential benefits of offshore outsourcing.

Top 5 Benefits of Offshoring

Partnering with the right BPO company ensures the delivery of products or services of high quality, which can significantly ramp up your efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

Quicker Growth and Going Global

The world's smaller than ever before. Nowadays, it's common to see businesses stretching their reach across the globe. Even startups are trying to expand to international markets to boost their growth and stand toe-to-toe with worldwide competitors.

Thinking of doing the same? Try overseas hiring. This move opens doors to new markets, customers, and opportunities, speeding up your business’s growth and helping you go global in no time. Outsourcing is a way to become more flexible and scalable. Offshore vendors can easily scale up or down operations based on business demands without the challenges of hiring or laying off in-house staff.

Major Money Savings

Many businesses have discovered firsthand the financial benefits of offshore outsourcing.  By choosing to outsource, you could see considerable savings on labor expenses. Besides, you can reduce overhead costs since there's no need to invest in infrastructure, tech, or the process of hiring and training staff. 

When it comes to startups, by working with a specialized offshore team, they can launch their products quicker and cheaper than doing everything locally. This approach also helps businesses dedicate their in-house resources to things that really matter instead of wasting time on secondary routine tasks.

Skilled Talents and Multilingual Support

It's no secret that it’s possible to find great professionals to work on your projects in different countries that provide a cost-effective and at the same time qualified workforce. If your business requires highly motivated and hard-working teams with the perfect mix of skills and expertise, including foreign language knowledge, offshoring is the best choice for company operations improvement. Take for example outsourcing customer service, technical support, or software development services to the Philippines, Africa, Mexico, Ukraine, or Asian countries. These locations are known for their abundant talent pool and expertise in various fields. Focus on core competencies and let well-trained external teams perform the necessary functions effectively. 

Round-the-Clock Operations

Having teams in different time zones through offshore outsourcing means businesses can keep things running around the clock. By using the time gap between their country and where they outsource, companies can work non-stop. This setup speeds up getting projects done and boosts overall work output, as there's always someone on the job, day or night. This way, businesses can offer faster services and responses, making them more efficient and responsive to customer needs.

Advanced Tech Solutions

When you outsource to regions known for their advanced tech infrastructure, your business gains access to cutting-edge technologies and the latest working methodologies. This strategic move equips your company with the tools to stay ahead in the diverse digital environment.

Such key digital tools as automation, AI, cloud technology, and comprehensive enterprise resource planning systems as major enablers for modern businesses. By applying these technologies, you can greatly enhance your business processes, making them more efficient and responsive to market demands. 


The Power of Offshoring: Key Benefits

Top Disadvantages of Offshoring

Working with people from another country always means facing different mentality, attitudes, and business practices, but it doesn't mean you cannot cope with them, as there are many solutions to bridge these gaps. Learn about the most widespread cons of offshore outsourcing and how it is possible to turn them into benefits for your company. 

Overcoming Cultural Boundaries

  • Challenge:  Culturally different work ethics, styles of interaction with people, and general business practices.
  • Approach: Provide special training on cultural differences for your BPO team to help them close these gaps effectively.

Handling Language Gaps

  • Challenge: Misunderstandings and miscommunications due to non-native language proficiency.
  • Approach: Employ bilingual team members or provide language training to minimize misunderstandings.

Harmonizing Time Zone Differences

  • Challenge: Coordination and communication difficulties across different time zones.
  • Approach: Implement flexible working hours and schedule overlap times for teams to collaborate effectively.

Managing Quality Control Issues

  • Challenge: Maintaining consistent quality standards across geographically distributed teams.
  • Approach: Establish clear quality benchmarks and regular monitoring to ensure standards are met.

Challenges and Solutions for Offshore Outsourcing

What Kinds of Business Processes Can Be Outsourced

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, find international outsourcing a game-changer for saving costs and enhancing processes. Indeed, every industry can explore various types of offshore outsourcing for diverse business needs such as customer support, content moderation, back office support, etc. Let’s have a look at what processes offshore outsourcing companies like Helpware can provide support with.

Customer Support

Customer support outsourcing is considered a basis for businesses striving to deliver exceptional service without the added costs and responsibilities of managing an in-house team. It's about entrusting customer service tasks — be it answering queries via email, phone, chat, or social media — to dedicated external teams. Call centers, both onshore and offshore, have streamlined this process. They often use comprehensive self-service options to efficiently manage customer inquiries, making integration into your business strategy straightforward.

At Helpware, we prioritize rapid and effective support. Actively using cutting-edge tools and software, we offer high-quality call and live chat services, ensuring our clients receive swift and skilled assistance. Our dedicated support team is usually ready to address any issue, showing our commitment to solving customer problems with speed and precision. The results of our clients speak for themselves and we see that this approach can enhance CSAT, and align with our philosophy of providing reliable, accessible service solutions.

Web and Software Development

Web and software development is a universal field, thanks to coding languages being standard across the globe. It means you can outsource your app development for mobile devices or create software for desktops without worrying about language barriers. Similarly, web development tasks, from creating to updating your site, can be efficiently managed by outsourced teams. Working with a company from another country for your web or software projects means you can get some really talented people on your team without paying the high prices you might face at home. So you can achieve great quality on your projects while keeping your budget in check.

Following Helpware's recent partnership with eTeam, a digital product development agency, we've enhanced our ability to offer versatile offshore services for Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Development to suit any business need. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, utilizing an efficient system designed to fully align with our client's objectives.

Back Office Support

Need back-office support to keep your focus on core business activities like growing and broadening? We're experts at creating custom teams tailored to the needs of today's companies. Setting up a remote back-office team is a savvy way to streamline your operations and cut down on costs. Whether it's accounting, order processing, data entry, or research, we set everything up to ensure you see outstanding outcomes.

At Helpware, we tailor back-office support to seamlessly fit with your existing platforms, communication systems, records management, and customer interaction points. Our focus is on tailoring interactions to perfectly match every point in your customer or client's journey. With the best technology we use, we can ensure the right team members are involved at the right moments, transforming your back-office operations for the better.

Marketing and Sales

When businesses outsource their sales and marketing efforts, they obtain new professional strategies and insights that can boost their brand visibility. This includes email marketing, social media campaigns, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and targeted advertising. By partnering with offshore vendors for marketing and sales enhancement, you can broaden your business brand exposure, engage potential customers across various platforms, enhance your online presence, and drive sales with data-driven insights and creativity. There are many ways your business can resonate with its intended audience more effectively.

IT Services 

Every company faces significant technical demands. By partnering with outsourced IT services, your internal team gets a boost, handling everything from tech support calls and help desk tickets to guiding customers or employees through hardware setups and software installations. These services are available 24/7, making it easy to overcome any challenges posed by different time zones.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO means having an outside expert manage your hiring from start to finish or just parts of it, whatever works best for your business. This solution will save you the cost and hassle of running an in-house recruitment team. Try a simple way of finding the right people for the job without sinking time into endless searches and interviews. The RPO partner handles the heavy lifting — like sorting out human resources tasks, making sure everything's in line with employment laws, and working on strategies to keep your team stable and happy.

Instead of listing tasks, think of it as having a partner who's got your back with everything from getting the word out about open positions, chatting with potential hires, figuring out what's happening in the job market, and making sure new employees hit the ground running smoothly. 

Popular Offshoring Solutions for Businesses 

Common Offshore Locations

Figuring out if your offshore outsourcing is an ideal choice? A lot depends on where you're doing it. Some countries have emerged as preferred destinations for outsourcing, attracting large and small businesses with their welcoming policies. However, finding the right location to outsource tasks is key, so you need to know what's out there before you start.

Here is the list of the seven best places for outsourcing tasks overseas and see what makes them so valuable in the business world.

The Philippines: Leading in Call Center Services

The Philippines has long been a prime spot for outsourcing, especially for voice-related tasks like customer service. It attracts businesses due to the country's competitive labor costs, a workforce fluent in English, strong government policy, and a business-friendly climate. Recognized as the call center capital of the world, the Philippines has captured a significant portion of the global BPO market. Its IT and business process management sector is celebrated for leading the charge in call center services, holding up to 15% of the global BPO market.

Africa: Discover Customer Service and Back Office Talents

Africa is emerging as a dynamic hub for businesses that want to leverage their investments. Home to a young, skilled, and digitally fluent workforce, particularly in finance, IT, and customer service sectors, the continent is ready to meet and exceed ambitious expectations. Uganda's got a goldmine of opportunities to supercharge your business, and Helpware's right there to help you find it. With our trusted support, you can experience the power of local talents for back office, customer support, IT, sales support services, and other opportunities for your business.

Portugal: Your Way to the International Market

Portugal is your go-to location boasting a rich pool of talented pros proficient in multiple languages. It's a great spot to outsource a wide array of services, from data annotation and content moderation to AI operations, multilingual customer support, IT assistance, back-office tasks, sales support, and data entry. Our team in Portugal, fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, offers a gateway to a world rich in cultural and linguistic variety. If you are looking to connect with a wide-ranging international market, Portugal is a perfect choice for your company. 

Ukraine: A Rising Star in Offshore Software Development and Marketing

In the world of outsourcing, Ukraine has emerged as a frontrunner, especially for tech and marketing services. It's right up there with India when it comes to IT outsourcing, with robust offerings in software development and IT services. Known for its business-friendly climate, Ukraine has become a favored nearshore option for its neighbors and a sought-after offshore destination for companies from the U.S., Canada, and across Europe looking for high-quality outsourcing solutions.

Poland: Your Go-To for Finance and Tech Services

Poland stands out in Europe, not just for its vast IT outsourcing sector but also as an attractive location for providing finance and accounting services. Recent reports highlight Poland as a leading choice for businesses looking to outsource business processes from nearby countries, thanks to its wealth of highly skilled professionals. The country shines in BPO, global business services, and information technology outsourcing, making it a magnet for companies seeking top-tier talent in these areas.

India: Cutting-edge Tech Services and Digital Innovations

This country is considered one of the key global outsourcing destinations. Its vast talent pool and cost-effective solutions set it apart. Leading the 2023 Tholons Global Business Innovation Sustainability Index, India, alongside the U.S., is known for its significant contributions to digital transformation across various sectors. Its pioneering efforts have placed it among the elite group of nations at the forefront of technological leadership and innovation.

Malaysia: IT and Software Development Opportunities

To understand what offshore outsourcing is, Malaysia is a perfect example. The country is another rising contender in the outsourcing arena. It shows great results in offshore outsourcing services such as IT and software development. Malaysia is an ideal outsourcing destination for a handful of reasons. First, the country has good English proficiency, ranking 3rd in Asia and 28th globally for the 2022 EPI index. It also has a low cost of living, which makes it ideal for reducing operating expenses.

How to Pick the Best Offshore Outsourcing Partner

Finding the right offshore service provider can significantly impact your business's success. Follow these simple steps to make your searching-finding process more effective for you:


  1. Start by choosing a country known for its offshore outsourcing strengths, like the Philippines or Africa. These places offer a skilled workforce and a business-friendly climate.
  2. Search online for BPO companies in your chosen destination. Recommendations from your network can also point you in the right direction.
  3. With a list in hand, visit their websites, request quotes, and even interview them if you can. Consider their reputation, expertise, technology, and cost.
  4. Choose a partner that aligns with your industry, size, and budget. The right fit will understand and meet your business needs effectively.
  5. Draft a contract that details the scope of work, deliverables, costs, and terms. This document will safeguard both parties during your partnership.
  6. Once you've selected a provider, work with them to start the operation smoothly. A pilot run can help ensure that everything is on track.

These clear recommendations can help you make the most of offshore outsourcing, bringing in the expertise and cost savings it promises.


Offshore outsourcing holds great potential and many advantages. To fully benefit from it, finding a reliable partner who can meet all your requirements is key. This approach ensures you leverage offshore outsourcing effectively and professionally.

Discover the full potential of offshore outsourcing for your business by chatting with our experts. They're ready to share insights and tailor solutions just for you.

With a high customer satisfaction rate of more than 90% and recognition as a top BPO by Clutch, we're your go-to for expanding your team in IT, customer service, AI solutions, marketing, and more. 

If you are ready to trust your business processes to a reliable offshore outsourcing partner,  connect with Helpware—we're here to help your business scale.

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