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Fully managed service

Taskware's labeling platform and auto-scaling workforce optimize your ML pipeline with high-quality SLAs for various use cases. We manage the end-to-end process starting with dataset collection to reporting.

Outsource Team for data training

We can recruit, onboard, and train a team with specific domain knowledge for your project. We can start with ten people and scale to fifty in a few weeks. Combine with our annotation tool, or work with your software.

synergize people and data


Image and Video Annotation

Image or video annotation is the process of labeling or classifying an image using text, annotation tools, or both to show the data features you want your model to recognize on its own. By annotating a picture, you are adding metadata to a dataset.

Content Control & Verification

Content Moderation

It is the process of content screening and monitoring online and offline. We are providing a safe environment for both users and brands. We are helping platforms moderate content to ensure that it falls within pre-established guidelines of acceptable behavior specific to the platform and its audience.

Data Science Datasets

Dataset Collection

With TaskWare, you can submit your requirements for dataset collection. Our team of more than a hundred helpers will help you collect, label, and deliver to you, meeting the deadlines.

from analog to digital


The process of transforming handwritten text into digital.

Image & Video Annotation
Content Moderation
Dataset Collection
  • Polyline
  • Cuboids
  • Semantic
  • Polygones
  • Boxes
  • Visual Moderation
  • Text Moderation
  • Audio Moderation
  • Video Collection
  • Image Collection
  • Marketing Materials
  • Data from the Open Sources
  • Handwritten Text
Visual Moderation
Text Moderation
Audio Moderation
Content moderation — Visual Moderation
Content moderation — Text Moderation
Content moderation — Audio Moderation_v2
Video Collection
Image Collection
Marketing Materials
Data from the Open Sources
Dataset Collection — Video Collection
Dataset Collection — Image Collection
Dataset Collection — Marketing Materials
Dataset Collection — Data from the Open Sources
Handwritten Text

What sets us apart?

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Free labeling software

Use our technology to test out your hypothesis by labeling your Training data. Free of charge. If you need any help while processing, add helpers at any moment.

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Dedicated Team for your project

We can recruit, onboard, and train a team with specific domain knowledge for your project. We can start with ten people and scale to fifty in a few weeks.

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Leading the industry with our solutions

Being recognized as the #1 BPO company across multiple rating platforms, we excel with our CX solutions, serving an irreplaceable extension of your in-house people.

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The fastest and most accurate way to train your data

Our team has reached 100+ lively available annotators. And ready to deliver your labeling projects on demand.

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Flexible Data Annotation Plans

Free Solution
  • Bounding boxes annotation
  • 500Mb data upload
  • JSON reports
  • 2 projects
  • 2 invites for annotators per project

You can scale at any moment by adding helpers/data upload/team members or upgrading to Team Solution.

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Team Solution
  • All types of data labeling are available
  • All reports available
  • No limitation with data upload
  • Add helpers and scale on demand

We will help you with the best pricing model and helpers: pay per frame, pay per image, pay per helper, pay per hour, pay per project.

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Enterprise Solution
  • Here we cover all the recruitment processes for you
  • Dedicated helpers working only for your projects
  • Specific domain knowledge
  • Web application for training data and requirements for data trainers
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Saas Solution

A web application for your team of data annotators is coming soon.

Coming soon


Our Clients

Client's reviews



Helpware annotated thousands of images for computer vision models. They adjusted their internal tools to match the specified business process and did QA. Their support has improved business efficiency as they’ve provided the capability to scale annotation capacity. Positive internal feedback for Helpware’s work has focused on the quality of their work. They’re communicative and they integrate well with existing processes.


Helpware went above and beyond to reach our goal. Our project manager deployed a fantastic workflow and guided us through the entire project. We had weekly meetings via Slack and Zoom.


We greatly appreciate the fact that they’re forward-thinking and driving results constantly. Trained like an internal team, Helpware provides excellent service. They’re communicative and easy to work with despite the time difference.


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