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10 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service in 2024

Customer support plays a decisive role in business growth. Why do companies outsource customer service, then? If it truly is such a meaningful component of the business success equation, shouldn't...

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Customer support plays a decisive role in business growth. Why do companies outsource customer service, then? If it truly is such a meaningful component of the business success equation, shouldn't brands handle customer service with their own hands? The answer is more simple than it seems.

Outsourcing the right customer service provider has the potential to give your company the extra push you need to conquer new roads. A HubSpot research states that 93% of customers are more likely to repeat their purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

Then again, that is easier said than done. Gartner discovered that over 70% of the interviewed customer experience leaders struggle to design projects that increase customer loyalty. The reason? The lack of laser focus on customer satisfaction at every level. By outsourcing a company with proven expertise in managing customer service, businesses can rely on well-tested, better-suited CX strategies.

Helpware has elevated the customer service results for over 300 companies in the last eight years. Through this challenging yet extremely enjoyable ascent, we have learned to uncover, polish, and share the many benefits of outsourcing customer service with our cherished partners. Here are some of the most remarkable ones.

Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

1. It's a Cost-Effective Solution

One of the most noticeable advantages of outsourcing a customer service provider is the substantial reduction in expenses. Hiring, onboarding, and providing quality training to an in-house team of agents can represent an important investment for most companies.

Plus, equipping your agents with all the necessary infrastructure, hardware, software, and so on can become a heavy burden. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that aim to maintain a robust contact center.

When it comes to dedicated customer support teams, such expenses are covered by the outsourced company, turning this service into a best-value-for-money strategy.

2. It Maximizes Your Performance

The benefits of outsourcing customer support are also closely related to your business's efficiency. The customer experience department of your company is the one in charge of solving your client's demands. Needless to say, it plays a major role in raising their loyalty toward your brand. 

Joining forces with a team of customer experience specialists may be a great way to create stronger bonds with your customers. Trained under your supervision, these agents will get to be an organic extension of your business, and allow your employees to focus on other vital endeavors. This way, you'll continue to offer your clients the attention they deserve while you center on your core mission: make your company grow.

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3. It Capitalizes On Data

Outsourced customer service experts are data-powered. They are constantly supervising the vital signs of your customer satisfaction score (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), customer churn rate, and many more. Always striving to find new ways to improve such metrics, 

When you outsource customer service advisors, you can trust they will do whatever it takes to achieve customer satisfaction. Plus, you will be correctly briefed and notified about every action taken to accomplish this mission.

4. It Harnesses Specialized Instruments

Do you know what are the best customer service tools in the market? Outsourced CX gurus certainly do. Other advantages of outsourcing customer service include the adoption of the right people, packed with valuable insights, geared with the perfect tools, all syncing together to deliver a more sophisticated user experience.

Performance analytics software, knowledge management systems, automated ticketing platforms, the most advanced AI chatbots out there, and the full box of tech-savvy gadgets that could help you understand your clients' motivations at a deep-rooted level. 

5. It Mitigates Risks

Believe it or not, customers are growing less patient by the minute. PWC found out that 59% of North American clients will walk away after several bad experiences, and 17% after just one single inconvenience! With this in mind, you may want to conduct your customer service strategy with the uppermost care.

Thankfully, outsourced customer service providers are not only problem-solving veterans. They also know how to automatize processes, submit appropriate responses to any situation, and avoid many human-made mistakes that could jeopardize the relationship with your clients (like spelling their first name wrong in a happy birthday email). 

6. It Matches Your Tone of Voice

When you hire a professional team of customer service representatives, their first step into the onboarding process is to comprehend, explore, and match your brand's tone of voice. Put simply, your customers won't even notice (nor care) if the agent on the other side of the line belongs to your inner workforce or not. All they need is an attentive executive that solves their problem at lightning speed. It's as simple as that.

However, this is only half of the job. Speaking of the advantages of outsourcing customer service, CX specialists are capable of finding the perfect balance between your users' language and your brand's accent. Crystal-clear communication that flows both ways.

7. It Offers Non-stop Service

Business expansion is always a challenging mission. That said, covering as many time zones as possible is an effective strategy. Delivering consistent assistance to your clients, all day, every day is another game-changer benefit of outsourcing customer service. 

Problems do not rest. Hence, it's paramount to collaborate with a staff of customer experience heroes who can hop in whenever the situation calls for it. Got night owls among your clients? No problem. Someone on the other side of the world forgot their password? Our call centers are always available. Divide your customer experience forces and conquer the business expansion game!

8. It Enables Omnichannel Support

Picture this: A very important client requests an immediate troubleshooting call. He got in touch with you via WhatsApp. You ask them to check their inbox for an email with the link for the meeting. He wishes to connect with your technical support team through FaceTime (this happens more often than you would believe). And voilà! You solved the issue through three different platforms at the same time. This is the power of deploying an omnichannel strategy. 

A survey conducted by Salesforce determined that 40% of the interviewed customers won't do business with companies if they can't use their preferred channels. When you partner up with the correct outsourced customer service vendor, your clients can get in touch with you however they want, whenever they want.

9. It Integrates Multiple Languages

Outsourcing customer service is so much more than having a couple of bilingual agents on duty. You are also talking about culture. A background that brings people together. When your clients dial their phones and recognize a familiar accent, they feel more comfortable expressing their situation.

We are talking agents that score C1 and C2 levels of verbal and nonverbal communication skills. This way, you make sure that there won’t be any misunderstanding through all touchpoints, both towards your clients and your in-house managers.

10. It Promotes Industry-centered Approaches

Last but not least. Outsourced customer service can be as personalized as you need it to be. Whatever industry you are in, it should always be a top priority to utilize the proper terminology, inner methodologies, and particular solutions related to every sector. 

This key factor inspires trust among your target audiences. Hand-picking a team of skilled agents and training them to become experts in your industry is practically necessary to maintain those valuable relationships for the long haul.

Outsource Outstanding Customer Service with Helpware

The pros and cons of outsourcing customer service go wide and far. Nevertheless, every business decision-maker must possess the ability to identify what their users truly care about and learn how to design solutions that exceed such expectations. However, outsourced customer service professionals can help you skyrocket your own CX processes to brand-new heights and reach those brand loyalty goals.

As an “Amazing People as a Service” provider, Helpware has partnered with many companies, from all sizes and industries, and helped them integrate these and many more benefits of outsourcing customer service into their strategies, always achieving positive outcomes. To find out more about our methodology for CX success, contact us today.

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