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Customer Interactions Reimagined

Step into tomorrow with Helpware's AI customer service solutions. Smooth operations, cost-efficiency, standout service—your excellence starts now. Welcome to your future, redefined.

Customer Service Automation

Rev up your customer support— smart chatbots and smooth self-help options that keep customer service stellar. Fast, efficient, and always on point!

  • AI-Powered Automation

    Automate customer interactions to streamline efficiency.

  • Speak Globally

    Multi-lingual support platform for global reach across all channels.

  • Customized for Your Industry

    AI solutions are tailor-made to fit industry-specific needs.

  • Insights at Your Fingertips

    Data analytics tools for deep insights into the customer journey.

AI-powered Translation

With AI precision and a human touch, we deliver happiness from anywhere, without breaking the bank. Crystal-clear conversations make your customers delighted. What more could you ask for?

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Proficient translations between English and multiple languages.

  • AI at the Forefront

    No queries are left answered with fast AI translations.

  • Real-Time Translations

    Real-time conversations, on-the-fly translations.

  • Refined by Human Touch

    AI is combined with human expertise for accurate, context-aware translations.

Agent co-pilot

Your customers demand instant solutions – they want it here and now. Let AI take on the heavy lifting, crunching through data and automating responses, while agents provide human touch, and solve complex issues with empathy and care.

  • Streamlined Automation

    Advanced AI capabilities for customer support automation.

  • Empowering Agents

    Consistent, swift, and error-free customer service.

  • Diverse Industries

    From logistics to eCommerce, catering to a wide range of industries.

  • Variety of Tasks

    Tackling refunds, WISMO, subscriptions, etc., ensuring security and trust.

Background Noise Cancellation

No more background buzz or unwanted office acoustics—this AI tech cuts through the noise of phone calls. With our AI tool, every word is crystal clear, every conversation is meaningful and every customer is delighted.

  • Background Voice Cancellation

    Only the intended voice is transmitted clearly during calls.

  • Noise Cancellation

    No disturbing noise in the background.

  • Echo Cancellation

    Room acoustics or sensitive mics no longer disrupt communication.

Accent Neutralization AI

Accent Neutralization through Real-Time Voice AI is more than just a technological advancement; it's a step toward a more inclusive and connected world. This AI solution ensures that every word is not just heard, but understood.

  • Real-Time Voice AI

    Instantly adjusts accents and translates languages.

  • Speech-to-Speech Tech

    The translation is accurate retaining the emotion of messages.

  • Cloud-Based Communication Platform

    An easy way to handle calls anywhere, without extra software.

  • Voice Avatars

    Pick a voice that suits your style or message, adding a personal touch.


Efficiency and Consistency at Scale

alt Cost-Savvy Perfection

Our AI-driven customer service solutions are designed to optimize your budget today, allowing for strategic investments tomorrow. Direct your valuable resources where they have the most impact. 

alt Customer Delight

Witness the tangible rise in CSAT scores as they ascend, boosting customer loyalty in their wake. Our AI solutions are designed to not just meet but exceed customer expectations.

alt Smooth Interactions

Our AI solutions serve as the ideal remedy for the occasional friction in conversations, guaranteeing smooth and effective communication. Expect interactions that are effortless and meaningful.

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AI Solutions in Action

How Do We Measure Success? Every AI solution addresses specific business needs. We gauge success through key performance indicators like response times, case handling efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction, ensuring our AI solutions deliver tangible results. Discover how our automation use cases redefine customer service. 

Let’s get started!

Customer Service Automation

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Flight Status Updates

When integrated with booking systems and CRMs, this AI solution provides instant, accurate flight status updates.

icon-43333 (5)

Effortless Event Sign-Up

AI makes the event registration process faster and simpler for participants.

icon-43333 (6)

Feedback gathering

Capturing real-time feedback to drive insights on improving automated customer experiences.

icon-43333 (1)

Order Tracking for Retail

The solution streamlines order tracking for retail businesses by integrating with delivery experience platforms and e-commerce systems. 

icon-43333 (2)

Proactive Troubleshooting

Guiding customers through personalized troubleshooting, with efficient handoff mechanisms ensuring quick ticket resolutions. 

icon-43333 (3)

ACX improvement

Improving auto-resolution by tapping into a wide knowledge base for unanswered bot queries.

Metrics that Matter:

out of 500k interactions resolved
increase in CSAT 
Recognition Rate
faster training period

AI-Powered Translation

icon-41111 (2)

Integrating with Customer Support Platforms

AI-powered translation solution is easily integrated into the client’s customer support platforms.

icon-41111 (3)

Effective Communication in Chats and Emails

AI-powered translation solution is easily integrated into the client’s customer support platforms.

icon-41111 (4)

Providing Multilingual Support

This solution allows offering multilingual support translating between English and European and Asian languages.

icon-41111 (1)

Economizing Costs

It’s possible to significantly reduce the need for local-speaking agents, leading to substantial cost savings in customer support operations.

Metrics that Matter:

per agent - case handling
Cost Savings
reduction in local-speaking agents

Agent Co-Pilot

icon-62222 (3)

Order Status Management

Integrates with CX platforms for quick updates and order status solutions across channels.

icon-43333 (5)

Product Information Retrieval

With access to extensive knowledge bases, the AI swiftly finds and delivers relevant product information.

icon-62222 (5)

Account & Order Management

The AI handles routine inquiries such as subscription management, renewals, and cancellation requests.

icon-62222 (6)

Refunds Processing

Utilizing customer data contextually, Agent Co-Pilot makes informed decisions to efficiently process refunds.

icon-62222 (7)

Product Support

AI rapidly diagnoses issues and offers personalized solutions, improving the overall product support experience.

icon-62222 (1)

Returns and Exchanges

Integrated with order management systems, AI facilitates the processing of returns and exchanges.

icon-62222 (2)

Billing and Payment Assistance

Quick and accurate assistance for payment and billing inquiries, addressing customer concerns efficiently.

Metrics that Matter:

Tickets solved/day
First Response Time
Coach Acceptance Rate
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We have answers

How does AI-driven customer service improve efficiency?

Our AI-driven platform automates routine tasks, allowing your agents to focus on complex inquiries. This leads to faster response times, reduced operational costs, and the ability to scale your service without proportionally increasing staff.

Can the AI understand and communicate in different languages?

Yes, the platforms combine AI with human expertise to provide high-quality translations, ensuring your customers receive support in their native language, and maintaining the context and nuances of each interaction.

Can AI replace customer service agents?

No, AI is designed to assist and empower your agents, not replace them. AI Agent Co-pilot enables agents to handle inquiries more efficiently, focusing on providing empathy and complex problem-solving that AI alone cannot offer.

How does accent neutralization technology work without compromising the unique voice characteristics of agents?

We use advanced voice AI to neutralize accents in real time, making them understandable while preserving the agent's natural voice characteristics, and ensuring a personalized and professional customer experience.

What measures are in place to ensure the security of customer data in AI-driven services?

We adhere to data protection standards, requiring all our AI vendors to be compliant with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and to possess certifications such as PSI DSS and SOC 2 and other industry-specific certificates. This ensures the utmost security and integrity of customer data.

Is training required to use these AI technologies effectively?

We provide training programs so that your team can fully leverage the AI tools to enhance their workflow and service delivery.

Are there any plans for future upgrades or expansions of the AI capabilities?

Absolutely. We continuously evaluate and integrate the latest AI advancements to address the evolving needs of our Clients. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our partners are always at the forefront of AI-driven customer service.

How is the success of AI implementations measured?

Success is measured against specific business objectives, such as improved response times, increased customer satisfaction scores, and reduced operational costs. Regular performance reviews and analytics provide insights into the impact of our AI solutions.