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Helpware USA

We have changed perceptions of what global outsourcing is and can be. We have built superior cultures in all locations by empowering our teams and providing them with the right tools and culture for success.

Helpware is headquartered in Lexington, KY with additional US offices in Kentucky, California, and Colorado. We also have team members nationwide in work-from-home locations.

Through charitable giving, social impact, and environmental sustainability, we inspire and are inspired by our diverse, inclusive, and compassionate team members.


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Helpware’s global support infrastructure

High-touch, Collaborative, Culture-focused Environments

Our global locations are all positioned in easy-to-access locations, utilize the highest comforts and latest technology for our teams, and our culture first.

Integrated and Secure Infrastructure

Our teams have the necessary information security/technology protocols and privacy regulations whether physically located in an office location or working from home.

Geographically Dispersed

Our global footprint provides business continuity and a broad range of cost options, language capabilities, tech-savvy and highly motivated teams.

Rapid Staffing Mobility

Our onshore, nearshore, and across-the-globe teams can be deployed quickly for immediate scalability.

Customer Experience in Language They Prefer

Our top talent across-the-globe delivers superior translation and language experiences. Our language fluency accelerates hiring, training, and branding for superior customer journeys.

No Service Disruptions

With redundant disaster recovery plans and advanced security tech,  all locations maintain protocols for geo disasters that allow teams to set up quickly at home or alternate locations should a disaster arise.


Lexington, KY

Helpware is headquartered in Lexington, KY, with customers worldwide.

As the home of some of the world's most recognizable corporations, Lexington attracts top talent. And with two world-class universities in Lexington, the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University, there are many recruiting opportunities in partnership with the colleges for newly graduated students or interns.

It has been ranked in the Top 10 Best Big Cities to Live In by Money Magazine and ranked in the Top 3 Safest Cities in the United States by Safewise.



Mount Sterling & Harrodsburg, KY

Our Mount Sterling and Harrodsburg hub locations offer a combination of large city amenities with rural community advantages.

It is in relatively close proximity to our Lexington location giving our staff members a choice of a big city or a more rural setting. The pro-business attitude in the city and friendly nature and solid work ethic make our hub locations an amazing place to live and do business.

These cities offer a low cost of living and are known for their friendly residents.


San Francisco, CA

Our San Francisco office is in the heart of the most innovative, enterprising, and intelligent cities in the world.

The San Francisco Bay area is also in the center of the startup universe. With the biggest concentration of startups in the US and the presence of most major tech giants, San Francisco is one of—if not the—best cities to build a career in tech. The city’s reputation brings hundreds of thousands of people with tech expertise into the area.

San Francisco is also famous for its creative energy, diversity, a culture of disruption, and healthy living.


Senior Vice President of Global Operations

Dana Mahoney

Will be responsible for the delivery of service levels and meeting KPIs as defined by the client. Dana is a seasoned Contact Center Manager with over 15 years of experience executing business strategies and operating plans that support direct sales, customer service, and retention initiatives. Dana comes to Helpware with “big box” experience, having led programs with extreme WFM complexity and thousands of FTE. She has a keen ability to drive a team to execute with motivation, management tools, and cultural buy-in. Dana is well versed in communicating performance outcomes and seeing around corners with clients to help forecast and meet the needs of the end customers.




Our Ukraine offices are located in the capital city of Kyiv with a population of over 3 million. It is the largest technology hub of Eastern Europe and a top destination for outsourcing front and back-office customer support. The culture of Kyiv makes the capital attractive for our team members who provide a creative experience for our clients. 




Our Philippine offices are located in Cebu and Manila. Cebu and Manila are considered the largest and most mature areas in the Philippines for front and back office offshore customer support.  With this workforce history, it is easy to scale a team to support calls centers, sales, technical support, and customer service via phone, email, chat, social media, and video.




Our Germany offices are located in the capital, Berlin.  Berlin is known as a liberal city with many possibilities and rich culture.  It is also the most inexpensive capital city to live in Western Europe. Our talented teams in our Berlin offices bring inexpensive, creative solutions to our clients.



United States

Our US offices are located in Kentucky, California, and Colorado with work-from-home locations nationwide.  Our broad US footprint allows us to grow our strategic partnerships in the US by providing on-shore outsourcing services to allow clients faster growth to scale. 




Our Mexico offices are located in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico with a population of nearly 5 ½ million people.  The large quantity of trained front and back-office support allows us to deliver quality near-shore outsourcing. The city,  known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico, provides an affordable location for our team and affordable solutions for our clients.



Helpware at Home

The pandemic required adjustments in the worldwide workplace and allowed us to enhance our technology, integration, and security protocols to further expand our team in any location. Many team members and clients are benefiting from the flexibility of remote work options.  Our cultural strength is in unity so working from home is not an obstacle for our Helpware family.


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