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Customer Support in Fintech: Meeting Customer Expectations

Today's financial industry is in the midst of a massive shift as consumers turn to the fintech sector for personalized finances without traditional fees. In fact, fintech is one of the world's...

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Today's financial industry is in the midst of a massive shift as consumers turn to the fintech sector for personalized finances without traditional fees. In fact, fintech is one of the world's fastest-growing markets, with an annual growth rate of 25%.

Without question, the tech industry has an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize the world of finance. However, personal finance is a delicate issue to most people, so keeping an eye on consumer needs is critical to the continued growth of fintech.

Here are customer expectations that fintech organizations need to keep in mind for long-term success.

Personalized Support

Today's customers conduct research and source information online and like to find answers on their own when possible. But that doesn't mean you should get rid of customer service reps anytime soon. Your consumers will want to contact a person immediately if they notice something seriously amiss with their personal finances.

While fintech makes banking accessible because it relies on technology, many companies make the mistake of cutting their in-person staff in favor of online self-service. However, finance is extremely personal, so maintaining a human touch is critical for success.

Here's one well-known example: Cybercriminals breached some customers' Robinhood accounts, sold off shares, and withdrew thousands of dollars. Customers couldn't reach Robinhood to report that their accounts were hacked and waited days for emails from support. This customer service disaster left angry customers in its wake.

You can avoid scenarios like these that frustrate customers and harm your reputation. Having a strong cadre of support professionals can give you the flexibility to address any unexpected issues that may arise.

Omnichannel Answers

Few of us rely on one mode of communication to get our issues addressed. We might send a question through a chat, follow up over email, then call when we're away from our computer. According to a recent survey, 40% of people report that they use multiple channels to address a single issue.

Providing omnichannel support with agents that can use various communication channels allows you to provide consistent service no matter how customers engage with you. Reps also need to pull up information from previous interactions to provide personalized service and prevent customers from needing to repeat why they need help.

Maintaining a consistent presence across multiple channels reinforces your brand and fortifies customer relationships.

Meet Expectations for Business Growth

Fintech can become one of the world's largest industries, but only by keeping customer expectations at heart. With something as personal as money, high-quality service is essential. That's why you must give customers the ability to connect with a person as needed across multiple channels — including phone, email, chat, in-app and social.

To help you meet ever-increasing customer demands, Helpware offers professional customer support teams and top-tier technology. Our international teams let you achieve the personal touch of a live agent while offering omnichannel support to exceed your customers' expectations. With Helpware, it's easy to scale your customer support as your business grows or to respond to seasonal service surges.

Need to build a strong customer service team that meets consumer expectations? Contact us to see how we can help.

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