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Exceptional Service is a Must to Stand Out in the Competitive On-Demand Industry

The adoption of on-demand services has grown steadily in recent years. In 2016, the total spending on on-demand services was $57.5 billion, and it's on track to hit $335 billion by 2025. Massive...

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The adoption of on-demand services has grown steadily in recent years. In 2016, the total spending on on-demand services was $57.5 billion, and it's on track to hit $335 billion by 2025. Massive adoption is occurring in several sectors, including food delivery, transportation, retail and grocery delivery, on-demand video apps, and home services. And we haven't seen the end of this trend yet. 

One critical element that distinguishes all of the most successful on-demand companies get is a commitment to customer service excellence. They put the customer experience first, and that's why companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and TaskRabbit continue to grow year after year. 

In this article, we break down the various sectors of the on-demand services economy and discuss what companies need to do to provide that exceptional service and stand out from the pack. 

Which Services Are Driving the On-Demand Market?

There are five main types of services (or sectors) in the on-demand services economy. There are food delivery apps like UberEats and Postmates that partner up with thousands of restaurants and deliver their dishes directly to customers' homes. Another large sector is transportation dominated by Uber and Lyft which have completely disrupted the taxi industry. 

Retail and grocery delivery companies like Instacart saw a huge rise during the pandemic and have made it possible to order home necessities on-demand and get them delivered to your door. Last but not least, apps like TaskRabbit let people order any kind of home service from local professionals.

On-Demand Companies Need Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is absolutely essential for the success of any on-demand company. The nature of the business is that these services have to be accessible to customers 24/7. That means companies need to have a customer service team in multiple time zones that can respond to customer tickets during all hours of the day and night. 

What's more, today's customer expectations are very high. While some customer inquiries are routine, many require significant problem-solving by service professionals. Often, customers rely on multiple avenues to reach brands, including phone, text, e-mail, and in-app channels. It's also not unusual for customers to use social media to ask questions about their orders. 

What's the takeaway? On-demand companies need to have multi-channel service options to let customers connect however they prefer. Also, as these companies expand globally, there's a greater need for multi-lingual customer service. 

Businesses need to work with a customer service provider that's skilled in all of these areas and is set up to serve their customers properly—via multiple channels, across multiple timezones, and in different languages.

Scale Up Your Customer Service

The on-demand market is growing at an exponential rate and customer expectations are only getting higher. Companies need to have a very high level of customer service to be able to serve their customers and create memorable experiences that bring referrals and long-term growth. Multi-channel, multi-lingual service delivered around the clock is a must-have. 

To nail all of those elements, companies need a proven outsourcing partner like Helpware. Curious about how we can help? Get started today!




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