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The Connection Between Positive Emotions and Customer Loyalty

Today's customers have access to a world of information at their fingertips, which makes it easy to shift brand loyalties. This reality leaves some companies wondering what they can do to retain...

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Today's customers have access to a world of information at their fingertips, which makes it easy to shift brand loyalties. This reality leaves some companies wondering what they can do to retain customers and combat churn.

Studies have revealed that customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand when they have positive emotions connected to the company. Let's look at some tell-tale data on this and provide insight into how to create that positive experience for the customer that leaves them feeling emotionally satisfied.

What the Numbers Tell Us

Sticking with the Brand 

According to research by Forrester, customers do not only value receiving support. They also value feeling appreciated. Other research confirms that customers will stick around even after a poor experience if they've had prior positive encounters with the brand:

  • 76% of customers revealed in a survey that they will keep transacting with the brand if they're made to feel appreciated. What's more, 80% will spend more, and 87% will recommend the brand to friends and family. (Forrester)
  • Even after a single negative experience, 46% of customers will remain loyal, provided they have generally had positive encounters with the brand. (KPMG)

Spending More

It also stands to reason that customers who are made to feel good will spend more. Positive emotions ensure that customers don't consciously or unconsciously build up barriers of resistance when parting with their money. Happy customers are also more likely to write positive reviews—and those endorsements can lead to others choosing to buy from the brand. 

  • 80% of those surveyed said they would spend more with a brand if those positive emotions are present. 
  • (Forrester)
  • 66% of customers will write a positive review online after a good experience. (KPMG

Spreading the Word

Customers don't forget how transacting with a brand made them feel, whether those emotions were positive or negative. This is where word of mouth becomes highly valuable. Customers will want to amplify negative experiences as a catharsis and to ward off other potential clients. However, many people want to spread the word when interacting with a brand has made them feel good. 

Practical Tips to Foster Positive Customer Sentiment

How can your company foster positive customer sentiment? Customer support should always be available (regardless of the platforms used) and should focus on solutions, not empty promises. Just as importantly, the interactions to get to that solution should be authentic. 

Customers also feel better if they perceive they're being treated like an individual and not just a number in a queue. Using customer data to foster connections goes a long way, as does a sense of a natural conversation rather than one in which the customers know you're sticking like glue to a script.

The right technology and a well-trained service team are essential to your success--and outsourcing may be the best way to scale your support resources. To find out more about ensuring your customers have a positive experience, contact

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