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Stats that Show the Value of Live Chat

Live chat has taken off as one of the most critical customer service communications channels. The latest stats suggest that every company should offer live chat as part of their service mix. Beyond...

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Live chat has taken off as one of the most critical customer service communications channels. The latest stats suggest that every company should offer live chat as part of their service mix. Beyond the numbers, live chat also provides proven advantages that streamline customer service operations while improving customer satisfaction.

Read on to learn more about the value of live chat.

What The Numbers Say

Many brands have started rolling out live chat options—and customers have positive things to say about these easy-to-use contact channels.

#1: Broad adoption. Brands are recognizing customers' preferences for speedy, convenient digital service, and many have taken steps to implement live chat.

  • An estimated 85% of brands aim to implement some type of live chat on their website. (Gartner, via Software Advice) 

#2: High satisfaction. Today's business environment has seen companies embracing a wide range of customer support platforms. However, recent stats show that live chat has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all channels. 

  • Around 86% of customers are satisfied with live chat today, up from 81% in 2017. (Statista)

#3: A top choice for customers. Customers are increasingly seeking an immediate response, and that live chat is among the most popular.

  • Live chat is the third most-used (behind telephone and email) and second most preferred (behind telephone) for customers. (Microsoft)

#4: Positive sales uplift. Customers have come to expect efficient and immediate responses from companies with whom they interact, and positive, efficient experiences boost loyalty and drive sales.

  • Live chat increases the chances of a site visitor making a sale by 2.8 times (Forrester

The Value of Live Chat for Live Business

Even before potential customers spend any money, live chat allows them to interact on the spot with a human being. In this way, live chat is similar to the traditional brick-and-mortar experience. Visitors have a friendly, knowledgeable service representative available if they have questions or need assistance.

The immediacy of live chat also means customers do not have to call a business for support. Live chat eliminates the frustrating experience of dialing a number and then selecting one automated option after another being before reaching an agent. 

Another great benefit of live chat for businesses is that the chat can be stored. This has two significant benefits. One advantage is that the customer does not have to explain the issue or update each time they seek help. What's more, businesses can collect and analyze data based on every live chat and use this insight to address customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

Boost Your Success with Live Chat

While live chat is crucial for any business, building an in-house team of agents is not usually cost-effective, especially for start-ups and fast-growing firms. The best option is to outsource to a proven partner that can provide the right expertise, along with human and technical resources, to offer multilingual support around the clock. The most advanced solution providers combine artificial intelligence (AI) with human support to deliver next-level customer service.

Ready to transform your customer service operations with live chat? Contact our digital customer service experts today to learn more.

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