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The Top 5 Most Commonly Outsourced Back-Office Functions

Given multiple businesses figuring out what are the advantages of using the services of back-office outsourcing companies, there has been a significant increase in contracting out back-office...

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Given multiple businesses figuring out what are the advantages of using the services of back-office outsourcing companies, there has been a significant increase in contracting out back-office operations. It not only helps businesses generate higher incomes due to enhanced agent productivity and rational use of the existing resources, but it also aids to boost the quality of services.

Overall, all functions that do not imply individuals for their fulfillment can be contracted out. Nonetheless, it is contingent on your business domain. We will further examine some common but important back-office services that business people contract out to experts most often.


  1. Data entry is performed in more than one way - from copy-pasting to browsing the required data and processing it until it gets entered into the system. Although it sounds like a quite straightforward process, it aids businesses to cut operating expenses. The data entry function implies a relatively little file processing room, but the process itself substantially cuts the infrastructure costs that a business needs to pay. Nonetheless, such advantages are only seen if specialists doing their work are conscious of the value of their job and endeavor to pay attention to details. It is among the major reasons why business people trust Helpware to fulfill their back-office functions as they are sure everything will be done right and on time.
  2. Although newly established businesses, SMEs, and corporations realize the importance of marketing, doing it is laborious. In their turn, an outsourcing company will devise marketing strategies and draw up plans, while enabling your company to focus on your core operations. Also, you can be absolutely certain that your marketing strategies and their execution are done by professionals. Outsourcing back-office services is essential to ease the internal staff's volume of work and prioritize more crucial business functions.
  3. In all businesses executing clients, orders are as critical as attracting new clients. Whether you are a provider of goods or a service company, it is essential to process your clients' orders promptly. Order processing is an integral part of all sales processes and performing it professionally guarantees that you exceed your competitors in forming and cementing customer relationships. Outsourcing this back-office function is even more reasonable if you do online business as buyers are given multiple options to select from and the quicker you respond to their orders, the more likely they will make a purchase.
  4. Although it is considered to keep accounting records internally, you need to ensure you have the relevant expertise to fulfill this function. If not, you should consider outsourcing companies that have the appropriate skills and qualifications. Outsourcing accounting is efficient and helps your business scale faster. Apart from that, it minimizes the risks and forces your access to an advanced tech stack.
  5. Virtual assistant outsourcing gives companies a versatile alternative to meeting their administrative requirements avoiding continuing recruiting commitments. Apart from that, outsourced virtual assistants usually operate based on contracts that frees you from the extra expenses of hiring. Case in point, you should not pay for holidays, coffee breaks, recruitment costs, and others.


Although we only examined the top 5 outsourced back-office operational functions, there are many others. Helpware helps to pick well-trained specialists to cover these vacancies. We have the global scale to build customized teams in customer service and back office. Our scale and locations in five countries (the USA, Ukraine, Germany, Mexico, the Philippines) enable us to source and recruit specialists in no time. Reach out to us today to know more about how we can be helpful for your business.

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