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What Are The Cost Savings From Back Office Outsourcing?

As a rule, contracted out back-office expenses are lower than the cost of hiring the back-office teams in-house. The level of savings will vary mainly depending on the elements and the amount of...

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As a rule, contracted out back-office expenses are lower than the cost of hiring the back-office teams in-house. The level of savings will vary mainly depending on the elements and the amount of clearly defined functions entrusted to the outsourcing provider and the complexity of the business requirements.

In most cases, the bigger the businesses that contract out their back-office operations are, the more money they save. If your company has been scaling to the point where your teams carry out multiple duties concurrently, it's time to contract out back-office operations (e.g., data entry, order processing, accounting support). Let's review the potential advantages:


  1. Cut operating expenses. The greatest advantage of outsourcing is the savings you make by not having in-house staff. Apart from that, since an outsourcing company has picked specialists to perform clearly defined tasks, your staff members may concentrate entirely on the tasks they have been supposed to carry out. It lets you be more flexible in managing resources, helping decision-making later on and allowing you to distribute resources right.
  2. Lower overhead charges. By not hiring more employees in-house, you may economize substantially on overheads, training employees, and buying office equipment. As soon as your expenses are reduced, you may cut the prices on your product, besides delivering it to the end consumer in no time, extending your limits. Apart from that, outsourcing frees up your time on prioritizing the improvement of your goods or services that fulfill the requirements of your customers.
  3. Talent pool and tech stack. When outsourcing back-office operations you access services on the necessary range of fronts and advanced tech stack. Helpware back-office teams are experts with knowledge and expertise to satisfy your specific business requirements so that you get rid of the necessity to search for the proper experience and training.
  4. Increase efficiency. First and foremost, contracting out enables you to concentrate on the main functions of your business. Delegating different monotonous and laborious operations to your outsourcing partner lets your team prioritize first tasks that generate income and facilitate scaling. Instead of wasting time on providing reports and calculating numbers, your staff members may concentrate on managing cash or acquiring a business. It will lead to improved efficiency and more satisfied staff.

Helpware offers complex back-office solutions. These include a virtual assistant, marketing support, accounting support, order processing, account set up, research, and data entry.

How Do The Costs on Back Office Outsourcing Services Vary?

The cost savings from the back-office process outsourcing vary based on whether you are contracting out one process (e.g., marketing support), or the entire marketing part. In fact, the more you contract out, the more considerable savings you will make due to the interconnection of various marketing processes.

Apart from leveraging the average number of transformative marketing strategies, tools, and analytics to complement your team, BPO companies can also consider the number and types of experts needed to fulfill your marketing requirements.

How Is the Price of Accounting Outsourcing Determined?

Providing an approximate price of the outsourced accounting services is not comprehensive sometimes. Some outsourcing providers charge depending on the number of team members involved, while others charge additional fees for all emails and calls. The actual prices differ based on each specific case.

Apart from that, the costs of outsourcing back-office services vary depending on the volume and complexity of your project, as well as the skillfulness and expertise of the outsourcing professionals. Finally, it will depend on the contractual and pricing agreements made with your outsourcing partner.


Lately, back-office outsourcing has evolved into an invaluable business tool. These functions imply competent, knowledgeable specialists handling and maintaining massive amounts of data. For laborious work like this, contracting out becomes reasonable.

Helpware is one of the superior customer support and back-office outsourcing companies in Ukraine, Mexico, Germany, the Philippines, and the USA. Our specialized personnel is exceptionally clever and talented. Let us prove how cooperating with us improves your client base and viability on the market.

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