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Why Does Your Company Need Multi-channel Tech Support?

Companies may use multi-channel support to ensure a high-quality CX and increase customer satisfaction. Apart from that, multi-channel tech support implies various communication methods through which...

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Companies may use multi-channel support to ensure a high-quality CX and increase customer satisfaction. Apart from that, multi-channel tech support implies various communication methods through which your clients can contact you. These comprise email, telephone, chat, social websites, knowledge base, and many others. Helpware's multi-channel technical support call center combines any of the modalities to make sure both your company and your clients are assisted the right way.

People are used to calling customer service. That is just how things have been done since the telephone. As support outsourcing became more and more common, the normal complaints of scripts and language barriers started to be commonplace in discussions of customer service outsourcing.

Then something interesting happened. As e-commerce companies started to grow, they started to build customer support systems that didn’t rely on telephones. Email solutions, live chat programs, and digital customer support systems started popping up everywhere.

Are you really going to call a company when you are shopping online and you come across something that might meet your needs, but you have some questions? No. Unless it’s a major purchase/investment, you will move on to the next product that is more clearly explained even if it isn’t as good. Of course, with abandoned basket tracking metrics, you can guess that your copy needs some work. But if you have a live chat, people will send a quick note, receive their answer and you’ll have your sale plus their questions to give back to your marketing team.

Now that I can email most of my questions to companies, calling is my absolute last resort. I hate having to wait on hold, going through the 2+ minute sorting menu (which ends in pressing 0 at every opportunity because that usually skips the rest of the menu), and then being put on hold again while they try to find a solution. You can’t do something useful while on hold even if you turn on the speakerphone.

On the other hand, other people only want to talk to a real person. Millions of people still prefer that extra human touch you get out of hearing another voice over the phone. Email and chat systems are still less personal regardless of whether you add a photo of the rep or a quick bio, although that usually doesn’t hurt.

Whether you do all your own customer service or outsource your customer service, providing multiple channels for your customers to contact you before and after the sale is important if you want to accommodate your customers in the way they would prefer to be contacted. If you choose to outsource customer service or tech support, most technical support providers offer multiple methods of contact with your customers.

Helpware's multi-tech support is powerful, versatile, and cost-effective. Our consultants are at your service as soon as you need us.

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