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How Outsourcing Can Accelerate Startup Growth

Startups need to launch quickly and effectively, often with limited internal resources. That's why many businesses choose to outsource some aspects of their operations to other companies. According...

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Startups need to launch quickly and effectively, often with limited internal resources. That's why many businesses choose to outsource some aspects of their operations to other companies. According to Forbes, many notable companies, including Slack, Skype, Opera, Basecamp, and others, relied on outsourcing when they were startups as a springboard to success.

Outsourcing helps startups gain traction without bearing the cost of hiring and training professionals or investing in additional tools and infrastructure. Let's take a look at some essential functions that your startup should consider outsourcing.

Key Functions that Startups Should Outsource

Outsourcing in the following six key areas can help startups get rolling without expensive personnel or overhead investments.

1. AI Operations

According to a Gartner survey, 54% of respondents consider artificial intelligence (AI) skill shortage as the biggest challenge facing their business. This means your startup may have trouble finding in-house talent with the necessary AI skills and experience.

If your startup uses AI, you will need to have an extensive training set of data to ensure your machine learning models are effective. That means you'll need a significant amount of human data labeling, a process of identifying and providing context for raw data, such as images, video, text files, and other sources. Most startups can't support a significant data labeling effort at scale, so outsourcing this critical task is an ideal solution. 

2. Digital CX

The on-demand digital economy has created a new kind of customer who expects quick responses and dynamic interactions from companies around the clock and across every touchpoint. However, not every startup has the resources to manage all customer interactions in-house.  

Outsourcing digital customer experience (CX) drives brand loyalty by empowering your business to offer 24/7 support via call center, answering service, IT, chat, technical, and email support.

3. Content Control

With online content growing exponentially, your startup needs an optimized but secure environment for your customers and business.

An outsourcing partner can help you with content control, including content moderation, online fraud prevention, abuse detection, and profile impersonation. As a result, you can enjoy improved safeguards and enhanced customer trust.

4. Human-in-the-Loop

No matter how digitalized your startup becomes, there will always be humans in the loop – be it your technology, communication, or services.

An outsourcing partner can help support and perform any kind of task that needs a human touch. This allows you to create a broader spectrum of support and intervention depending on your exact use or experience requirements.

5. Microtasking

By outsourcing your microtasks to a partner, you can get measurable results and acquire human insights across customer service, marketing, finance and accounting, software development, eCommerce, natural language processing, and more. You also get the capability to scale no matter the size or volume of the project.

6. Back Office Support

You can also outsource back-office support services such as finance and accounting, data entry, and human resources (HR). Your outsourcing partner can efficiently handle accounts and compile yearly budgets, carry out audits, and offer critical financial insights that help your startup grow.

Outsourcing your data entry tasks gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is being entered accurately and quickly. Likewise, outsourcing your HR operations can help you optimize your hiring, training, and payroll processes.

Get Your Startup Off the Ground

Startups have to ramp quickly without compromising on quality. By outsourcing their functions to a reliable partner like Helpware, emerging companies gain a full suite of front and back-office solutions that can be customized to their expansion goals.

Helpware's startup acceleration services provide the people, automation, and security in line with your unique requirements. We design, integrate, manage, and innovate to grow your business and develop market-leading customer experiences. Get in touch today to discuss your business process outsourcing needs.

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