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Helpware Executives Sponsor and Join Women in Retail Conference, Focusing on Female Leadership and Philanthropy

Helpware, a global leader in business process outsourcing, is proud to announce the participation of Rhonda Rohtstein, VP of Business Development, and Lora Ping, Director of Business Development, in...

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Helpware, a global leader in business process outsourcing, is proud to announce the participation of Rhonda Rohtstein, VP of Business Development, and Lora Ping, Director of Business Development, in the Women in Retail Conference. The event brings together accomplished women from various facets of the retail industry, fostering a community dedicated to mutual growth, leadership, career learning, and empowerment.

The Women in Retail community is a dynamic assembly of women, from CEOs to those climbing the corporate ladder, united by a commitment to self-investment, knowledge sharing, and collective success. Like Helpware, Women in Retail executives look to guide individuals for the best performance. Rhonda and Lora are excited to share insights and experiences that align seamlessly with Helpware’s mission of excellence in business strategy, professional development, and creating a positive social impact. And, as importantly, gleaning new info from the distinguished group at Women in Retail. 

Four Pillars of Helpware and Their Alignment with Women in Retail:

1. Culture: Helpware prioritizes collaboration and respect, diversity, and nurturing an engaged and responsive workforce with clear paths to personal and professional growth.

2. Business Strategy: Emphasis on technological advancements to enhance customer experiences through simple self-serve automation, agent assist tools, and API integrations, in turn also making the CX agent's life more interesting and productive.
3. Social Impact: Helpware is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities it operates in, advancing lives globally, using a strategic approach to find locations where talent is rich and jobs are needed. 
4. Helpcare Foundation: Through philanthropic efforts, Helpware offers the option for a portion of gross billing to be donated to a charity of choice or the Helpcare Foundation.

All of the above, and more, align with the values of Women in Retail.

Rhonda Rohtstein shared her accidental yet perfect entry into the BPO space, where she has been continuously inspired to learn about companies worldwide, strategizing, and providing consultative services, and launching for best practices in CX. 

"My journey in the BPO industry has been incredibly rewarding and eye-opening, offering insights into diverse cultures and advancing opportunities for many worldwide. I'm proud to contribute to Helpware's mission of making a positive difference. It's a privilege to be part of this event that empowers women in leadership, driving change for a better world.", she said.

Lora Ping's professional evolution in the outsourcing industry, rooted in her medical biotechnology background, took a significant turn when she ventured into retail and e-commerce. "Here, I found an environment that nurtured my creativity, surrounded by exceptional leaders who share my commitment to exceptional customer interactions," she shared. Lora's dedication goes beyond business metrics; it's about making a meaningful impact on people's lives through customer experience (CX). She highlighted, "I'm committed to making a positive impact on people's lives. That's what I can do in CX, and that's why this collaboration with Women in Retail is so important to me. Our shared values—emphasizing networking, mentorship, and the exchange of knowledge—play a crucial role in empowering women across various stages of their careers." 

About Helpware

About Helpware: Helpware is a BPO powerhouse, offering a comprehensive range of services including customer support, AI operations, back office, content moderation, and more, and serving companies across multiple industries. Helpware prides itself on a global team that speaks over 40 languages and specializes in delivering innovative solutions for complex business challenges. Headquartered in Lexington, KY, the company operates from 18 locations in 10 countries, ensuring top-notch service for its clients.

About Women in Retail

Women in Retail is a dynamic community bringing together women leaders and professionals in the retail industry. With a focus on networking, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing, Women in Retail aims to empower women at all career levels.

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