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Helpware Ventures Into The Technology Domain

Helpware is excited to announce the launch of our new service offering, comprehensive software development, significantly broadening our service portfolio. This initiative is a cornerstone of our...

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Helpware is excited to announce the launch of our new service offering, comprehensive software development, significantly broadening our service portfolio. This initiative is a cornerstone of our strategic vision for sustained innovation and growth, reflecting our commitment to not just meet, but exceed, the evolving needs and expectations of our clients. By embracing this new direction, we are set to empower both our longstanding and new clients by transforming their ideas into impactful, user-centric digital solutions that are synonymous with quality, cost-efficiency, and rapid execution.

Our service line encompasses a wide range of expertise designed to cater to diverse client needs: Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Data Science, AI/ML Integration, DevOps, and more.

Outsourcing software development to Helpware presents numerous benefits for global businesses. Firstly, our clients gain access to the talent pool with specialized skills and innovative insights. Secondly, we offer cost-effective and predictable budgeting options, ensuring flexibility and scalability for swift adaptation to market trends and project needs. Additionally, we emphasize quality over quantity, meticulously planning solution roadmaps and maintaining robust backup plans. Lastly, we guarantee the security of intellectual property, providing unwavering support and comprehensive security measures post-launch.

Alex Tereshchenko, COO of Helpware, underscores the strategic extension of Helpware's service offerings: "The BPO sector is rapidly evolving, posing challenges that demand not just adaptation but a proactive approach. Having tapped into the IT and tech market, we've taken a bold stride into a field that is highly competitive yet dynamic and transformative. With our unique expertise, we're poised to redefine its boundaries and lead with confidence and creativity. This is our vision of how technology and people converge to create unparalleled value."

In a strategic move to bolster our capabilities, Helpware has partnered with the Ukrainian IT outsourcing company, ETEAM. This collaboration, though in its nascent stages, has already resulted in significant achievements, including securing major deals and expanding the team by 15%. 

Leveraging our current success, we have introduced the Helpware Tech project, an initiative aimed at attracting more Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies to join us on our impressive growth trajectory.

Robert Nash, CEO of Helpware, commenting on the way he sees this partnership, stated, "The technology sector in Ukraine boasts immense potential, and we are keen to fuel its growth. Our investment in this venture extends well beyond financial; we are wholeheartedly dedicating our resources, energy, and unwavering commitment. I firmly believe that the unique expertise of Ukraine's tech talent is a valuable asset that the global community deserves to benefit from as well as Ukrainian professionals deserve to showcase their exceptional skills in the international market, making a significant contribution to the global technology landscape.”

With these ambitious plans, Helpware is not just aiming to be a leader in the global tech market but is set to redefine the standards of quality and innovation in the world tech industry.

About Helpware:

Helpware is a BPO powerhouse, offering a comprehensive range of services including customer support, AI operations, back office, software development, cybersecurity, and more, and serving companies across multiple industries. Helpware prides itself on a global team that speaks over 40 languages and specializes in delivering innovative solutions for complex business challenges. Headquartered in Lexington, KY, the company operates from 16 locations in 10 countries, ensuring top-notch service for its clients.

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