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Helpware Earns 5 Stevie Awards for Great Employers 2023

Helpware's presence at this year's Stevie Awards for Great Employers has been remarkable! Boasting an impressive track record, Helpware has been able to secure a whopping five awards across different...

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Helpware's presence at this year's Stevie Awards for Great Employers has been remarkable! Boasting an impressive track record, Helpware has been able to secure a whopping five awards across different categories. This feat signifies the outstanding impact that the company has had in the industry.  

The world's premier business awards are more than just a competition; they are an emblem of excellence in the international business arena. Open to organizations from all over the globe, these accolades shine a spotlight on companies that set the gold standard as top-notch employers. Moreover, they celebrate the dedication and excellence of professionals who manage and cultivate remarkable workplace environments.

Since their inception in 2002, the Stevie Awards have been widely recognized as a symbol of excellence and achievement in the world of business. Derived from the Greek word "stephanos", which translates to "crowned", the awards represent the highest levels of recognition for individuals and organizations making significant contributions to the industry. With an esteemed panel of over 150 global executives serving as judges, the evaluation process is rigorous and impartial, ensuring that only the best of the best are crowned as winners. With categories to suit every facet of business, the Stevie Awards have come to embody the true spirit of innovation, quality, and success.

This year, we at Helpware are thrilled to announce our prominent presence at the awards:

  • Gold Stevie Winner for “Human Resources Professional of the Year” - Victoria Dzyba (HR Director): Victoria's exemplary leadership in human resources has not only driven Helpware's growth but also promoted a nurturing and inclusive culture, making it a desired workplace.
  • Silver for “Employer of the Year - Business and Professional Services”: This prestigious recognition affirms Helpware's commitment to creating an environment where our team succeeds.
  • Silver for “People-focused CEO of the Year” - Robert Nash (CEO): Our esteemed CEO, Robert Nash, has been recognized for his unwavering focus on the welfare and growth of the Helpware team. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping Helpware into the organization it is today.
  • Silver for “Learning or Training Professional of the Year” - Yuliia Khomych (Talent Development Manager): Yuliia's dedication to fostering learning and growth is evident in every training session she manages. Her efforts ensure our team remains at the forefront of industry knowledge and skills.
  • Silver for “Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Professional of the Year” - Oksana Haidaienko (Global Recruiting Director): Oksana's unparalleled knack for talent acquisition ensures that Helpware is always equipped with the best and the brightest, driving our vision and mission forward.

"We are truly honored to have won a Stevie Award," remarked Robert Nash, our CEO. "It raises awareness about the work that we do, our commitment, and the excellence of our people at Helpware. Each member of our team plays a vital role, and we deeply value everyone for their hard work and significant contributions. This award belongs to all of us."

Our achievements at the Stevie Awards are a demonstration of the passion, dedication, and hard work of every individual at Helpware. As we celebrate these honors, we are reminded of our commitment to excellence and our pledge to be the best for our team, our partners, and our clients.

We are grateful for the recognition and remain devoted to upholding the values and standards that have brought us here.

To learn more about The American Business Awards and see the full list of 2023 Stevie winners, head to stevieawards.com 


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