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Freshdesk + Helpware = Scaling Customer Support Efficiently

Join the On-Demand Customer Support Revolution! Grow Your Customer Support Team Efficiently Helpware and Freshdesk have partnered to bring Freshdesk customers a “pay for performance” solution where...

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Join the On-Demand Customer Support Revolution!

Grow Your Customer Support Team Efficiently

Helpware and Freshdesk have partnered to bring Freshdesk customers a “pay for performance” solution where Freshdesk customers can scale customer support teams efficiently with simple and affordable pricing.

Every day at Helpware, we work on tens of thousands of customer support tickets for our clients.  

Building world-class customer support teams is hard.  Hiring people takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money - especially when agents churn out, and you have to re-hire for those positions

At Helpware, we’ve surveyed over 500 companies in the past 4 months, and what we have found consistently is that the biggest challenge in maintaining a high-quality output from customer support teams is that customer support agents frequently churn out, and with that churn goes intellectual property, domain expertise, and product knowledge.

Helpware helped us quickly ramp up our support team during our peak season and saved us a lot of time and effort. They exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and also created documents for the on-boarding team and future members to reference without being asked which has saved us countless man hours. 100% pleased!

-Taylor Bayouth, Founder of Choice Maternity

Churning Customer Support staff is expensive. 

Here are a few stats from a few studies related to the cost of customer support agent retention:

  • The Human Resource Institute says that customer support turnover costs about $10-15k to replace a frontline employee.
  •  Deloitte says that it costs about $12k to replace a frontline person or customer service representative.
  •  Insightlink Communications says that turnover costs were in the 25-30% range of a full salary and benefits package.  In other words, whatever you’re paying an in-house customer support representative, multiply that by 1.3 to get to the real cost of hiring that person.  In addition, you’re paying for additional costs like management to directly manage this team, payroll tax, office space, CapEx costs, and vacation/sick leave. 

With all of these costs, there must be a better solution to scale your business.

Freshdesk ( and Helpware have partnered up to create the first of its kind performance-based customer support solution for Freshdesk customers. We have created a seamless solution that makes support elastic and highly flexible with immediate returns.

The program works like this:

Freshdesk users can sign up with Helpware to pay for customer support on a performance basis with pricing and service levels that fit any business ranging from early-stage startups to enterprise teams.

As a fast-growing company, you are able to pay a flat rate for the number of customer support tickets you have based on the tiers.

Finally, there is a pay-as-you-go solution for customer support available to Freshdesk customers.  If you have 500 tickets in a month, no longer do you need to pay for a full-time customer support rep or have to juggle several part-time CSRs to handle the workload.  

If you have 675 customer support tickets in one month, and 932 in the next month, your pricing doesn’t change.  You don’t need to burn time trying to hire people, train them up, and hope that they answer your customer support tickets properly.

If you have more than 1000 tickets per month, Helpware will provide Freshdesk customers with a full-time dedicated team.

Dedicated Customer Support Teams

With any of the service levels above, we build dedicated teams for our clients so there is continuity in training and quality to make it efficient for our clients, and for our agents.

Thanks to our existing help desk expertise, we have well-trained agents who can pick up and start on Freshdesk support instantly. Our structured training program enables a fast on-ramp for our clients.

We do the hiring so you can focus on growing your business

No longer do you need to spend your valuable time and money on sourcing and hiring customer support representatives.  

At Helpware, we do the sourcing and hiring for you and provide you with 100% transparency so you can meet your team members, and interview them to make sure they are a good fit for your business.  

This saves you anywhere from 20-60 hours and also saves you the costs ($400-$2000) of advertising on job boards to try to find the right team members.

Let’s Talk!

Please reach out to us at to learn more about how you can scale your customer support team on a performance basis.

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