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Why Does Your Business Need Active Queue Management?

The fate of clients' disappointment depends on the communication with agents. To what extent the customer support representatives turn frustration into satisfaction determines whether the client's...

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The fate of clients' disappointment depends on the communication with agents. To what extent the customer support representatives turn frustration into satisfaction determines whether the client's exasperation fades away or stirs up.

However, client disappointment, of course, does not start with the customer support representatives. Instead, it relates to the failure in services or goods that initially caused an issue and the way your clients get assisted.

The point is that most disappointment of clients lingers on in line for communication whereas agents are looking to take action. Thanks to simplicity, you can leverage queuing management techniques to better tune call lines and enhance CX.

When clients need assistance, they expect to get the most straightforward route to solutions. As a result, clients boast of their simple experiences and resent the bitter ones.

Use call center management techniques for the interaction lines to close gaps in the user journey - for example, overflowing client hold lines. Make the lines simple to establish smooth communication with clients who will get the desired results.

Why Does Your Business Need Active Queue Management?

Call queue managers are associated with keeping and enhancing the performance of a call center (consequences of lousy response times).

  1. Customer satisfaction. Holding on the line sounds like a lightning rod for all callers. When we reach out to the support team, we expect both quick answers and solutions. The more we stay in the caller line, the more sad and unfulfilled we feel in the end. A low average call waiting time is the key to achieving dissatisfied clients. Clients get disappointed and irritated when they have to wait long; this way, they can opt for a different service provider.
  2. Low call interruption. The more potential customers are in a queue, the greater likelihood of them hanging up. It happens when they call again after a while. In other cases, they opt for a different major player in the market. Anyway, they must be disappointed as well as increase the wait time for other people who are endeavoring to keep in touch with your organization. By streamlining this process, call centers may lower the drop rates and receive more inbound calls.
  3. Satisfactory rates of FCRs. Sometimes, agents endeavor to process the maximum number of complaints, problems, and inquiries on the initial call. Besides, it only improves customer satisfaction, and it enables the call center to get more calls and deliver excellent service. When a client's problems are fixed on the follow-up call, it means you offer lousy service. Moreover, problems may accumulate, and it degrades the quality of service.
  4. Reduced expenses. Given a conservative approach, a public switched telephone network line is busy while the call is on standby. On free direct dial-in, it may have a higher RPM. If you replace the wait time with a return call, you will release the lines. Consequently, it will reduce the overall amount of lines and cut costs substantially.

In addition, when call center representatives return calls, they make outgoing calls that have a lower RPM compared to the incoming free ones. For major players in the market that process multiple calls every month, the money saved could compensate for the price of a new queue management system.

The Top 3 Tips on How to Manage Queues and Optimize the Waiting Experience

If the estimated client's waiting time seems faster than the actual time, clients must leave pleased. There is a lot an organization may do to enhance the waiting experience. Let's further examine three ways to improve this that all service companies can not neglect.

  1. Ensure active anticipation. The most extended wait is when you have no control over it. Hence, you are looking to deliver a dynamic waiting experience. For this, you may set up media solutions in the lounge to keep your client interested and distracted.
  2. Ensure you notify your clients. By informing the client, you get rid of the enigma and anxiety caused by waiting. Leverage monitors to give clients all the necessary information.
  3. Attain the best waiting time. It is pointless to aim for instant service. When clients are holding on the line, they must have studied your offer. Instead, you have to strive for the most favorable waiting time since this will improve your CX while boosting sales at the same time.


Consider that lining up is one aspect of the user's overall journey. Therefore, to enhance the entire CX, you will have to improve the experience at all POCs.

For this, the better half of organizations leverage queue management systems in which complicated solutions are referred to as user journey management systems. A queue management system is a suite of software instruments that aids the company in tracking, scheduling, and controlling the client's overall visit from pre-arrival to mail-order service.

Nowadays, a smart queue management system is the step ahead. If you are looking to enhance your CX and be more effective using fewer resources, reach out to our Helpware team and let's talk business!

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