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Business Process Outsourcing: What Is BPO In A Call Center?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an external service company that does all activities that a firm can not or does not want to do internally. Call center functions are typically contracted out to...

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an external service company that does all activities that a firm can not or does not want to do internally.

Call center functions are typically contracted out to business process outsourcing companies (BPOs), where representatives are entitled to speak for multiple firms in various business domains. Preferably, this is carried out opaquely so that individuals will assume that the call center representative they contacted works for the firm they wanted to reach out to.

Estimating and arranging are essential elements in the triumph of all outsourcing call centers. Therefore, customer support representatives are expected to do their job flawlessly while accepting multiple calls and information inquiries.

According to the 2019 Statista survey, the customer care business process outsourcing industry is expected to grow to $30.4 billion by 2027. Therefore, if your company still can not deal with the calls to a satisfactory extent, ensure to opt for contracting out these functions. Let's further examine business process outsourcing examples and the ways BPO call centers serve clients.

How Do BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Call Centers Handle Inbound Calls?

We will further examine some kinds of incoming calls, and the way agents deal with them.

  • Support inquiries. Companies offering compound products or services deal with abundant support requests. As a rule, large companies that cover multiple clients trust impressive groups of customer support representatives just to process such kinds of incoming calls as the overhead charges are minor. Moreover, bigger businesses typically have well-documented knowledge base assets, enabling agents to get down to work quickly.
  • Order processing. Sometimes, clients favor placing orders using mobile phones. Yet, processing such orders takes a lot of time — inserting client details in the CRM, receiving confirmation of money transfer, sending orders to completion, and others. Helpware advises you to employ a BPO call center team to undergo the whole process from accepting the order to delivery. It will save your in-house employees' time on performing various main functions (e.g., sales, product development). Such call centers are handy for fulfilling foreign orders in different time zones or dealing with overload on busy working days and calendar day-offs.
  • Dispatch. Dispatchers process incoming calls from individuals asking for services. An example of business process outsourcing (BPO) is: a taxi company takes calls from people willing to get a taxi, while the dispatcher informs a driver of carrying out this task. Instead of employing in-house specialists, modern firms prefer contracting out their dispatch functions. This way, they only have to give money to their employees as needed.

How Do BPO Call Centers Handle Outbound Services?

As you cooperate with a BPO company, you may delegate the following tasks to their team members:

  • Telemarketing. Although it once had bad credibility, some firms believe it is the best way to attract leads. Such a strategy may lead to low profitability if your employees do not have specialist expertise in cold calls. Therefore, the expert skills, knowledge, and instruments take place here. For example, Helpware employs the agents if they possess a capacity to attract and induce the individuals they call.
  • Telesales. It mainly deals with the conclusion of transactions by telephone. Unlike the previous strategy, cold calls are usually made toward potential clients determined as long-term. Although such calls are a critical factor in increasing your income, some firms might not be able to contact prospects quickly. Therefore, your business can boost sales in less time. It also makes sense for small-scale firms to contract out telesales as sales technology is readily available to BPO call centers. By employing a BPO company with its own CRM, you may take advantage of this instrument without complementing your current technology infrastructure with this one. It saves extra expenses and removes the necessity to implement a new instrument.
  • Market analysis. As a rule, companies carry out phone research to find out more concerning new clients. Market research data may provide helpful insights into what captivates buyers, their specific problems, and others. Also, market research calls typically follow a specified script so that you may feel free to contract them out to a BPO company. You will only have to notify the company of how to welcome clients, end the conversation, and give agents some sample questions to ask. Contracting out such calls will give your company real insights into the forthcoming campaigns and ways to launch new products.


Call centers primarily prioritize settling clients' issues; it appears to be a constituent of a BPO firm and standardly implies only telephone work. Our Helpware team advises all entrepreneurs to employ a BPO agency if technical and specialist expertise is required for the function to be contracted out. Such an option is your guarantee that your customers will be satisfied while your business will grow. The modern way of life forces us to always be in a rush. Fortunately, there are high-quality service providers in all business domains that can do the work for you. In its turn, a call center is a rational solution when searching for a reasonably priced customer service option.

A distinguishing feature of being hired to a BPO agency and a call center is that you will have to be consistent with the customer's tasks arising from his needs to work in a BPO company. In contrast, a call center requires you to have relevant expertise in negotiations and communication to meet the clients' needs adequately. Furthermore, being a BPO team implies having different working expertise as staff members will join a large company, whereas there are the only team leads who are given the same chance in a call center. Finally, being a part of a BPO company enables you to build a distinguished career working for a foreign agency.

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