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Is Outsourcing Social Media Management Worth The Cost

Social presence has become a vital part of every company, regardless of whether it operates B2C or B2B. According to Statista, 92% of US-based firms with over 100 employees use social media for...

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Social presence has become a vital part of every company, regardless of whether it operates B2C or B2B. According to Statista, 92% of US-based firms with over 100 employees use social media for commercial objectives, where LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are among the highest in the usage rate. It is, therefore, evident that social media is one of the most powerful tools for building a solid reputation and online presence, besides acquiring new clients and maintaining existing ones. However, it can be highly complicated and time-consuming to manage all the platforms for small businesses and large enterprises. Therefore, the question is whether outsourcing social media marketing is worth it.

What Challenges May In-house Social Media Management Face?

Unfortunately, many companies have their social media managed improperly, firstly, due to limited knowledge within this field, secondly, due to a simple lack of time. Therefore, it is vital to concentrate on the core functions of the business, and SMM is not one of these functions. Social media outsourcing aids in eliminating the challenges and mistakes within the business’s marketing strategy and, after that, serves as a platform for a company's strong online presence.

The most common challenges companies face with in-house marketing are:

  • Posting only during business hours. Typically, most traffic accounts outside business hours, which is essentially inconvenient for the business.
  • Lack of regularity. Posting for selling purposes is not the goal of social media; it is essential to frequently post relevant and engaging content to build strong relationships with customers that would lead to these sales.
  • Unresponsive behavior. If a customer leaves a message or asks a question, an answer must follow. Leaving one without a proper response can significantly harm your business's reputation.

Companies encounter many challenges that they cannot handle, and a great way to stay competitive is to outsource social media management to a partner company.

The Top-4 Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media

Accessing Expertise

Outsourcing your social media means receiving access to many talents that you cannot afford within the company. Provided with the knowledge of your company and customer needs and wants, a marketing expert can oversee the trends within your industry and develop an ideal content strategy to boost your sales. Starting from using the right hashtags to creating unique content that will attract new and existing audiences — can be handled under the substantial expertise of a digital marketing agency.

Saves Time

Time is the main reason for outsourcing social media management. This process requires full attention, which a company, for many reasons, cannot allow. Frequent posting, fast response time, management of various accounts, and others — are essential for building strong customer relationships. Besides, there is a significant need for constant conversation monitoring, and the brand mentions tracking and testing various methods on a regular basis, which also requires a tremendous time allocation. Time is money, and outsourcing such an influential part of the company as social media will let you concentrate on the core business functions.

Accessing the Industry-leading Tools

Have you ever wondered what the cost of all the technologies a marketing agency uses for social media management is? Quite a considerable amount. Outsourcing social media immediately gives you access to tools, which are essential for managing your platforms in accordance with the audience's expectations. Moreover, with an internal marketing team, constant training of the novelty tools would be required. Add up the money and time that can be saved by simply having your social media management outsourced.

Saves Money

Having covered all the advantages of having your SMM outsourced, the question remains: is outsourcing social media worth the cost? The answer is yes. First of all, factor the hours it requires hiring, training, managing, and developing all the company newcomers into your business’s costs. Simply by outsourcing this function, you can get the services of an entire marketing team with expertise in various areas for a lower price than a full-time hire. Depending on the required tasks and desired hours, you can tailor your budget accordingly. Therefore, start bringing your business value for money and eliminating any challenges by using the opportunity to have your social media marketing outsourced.

How Can Helpware Help Your Business?

We will develop a strategy that will get your business to stand out among competitors and acquire new customers and maintain existing ones. Industry analysis and research, identifying interests and behaviors of the target audience, creating a content strategy — are only a tiny part of what we are capable of doing. You provide us with all your needs and expectations while we do our best to serve your business!

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