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Features of Digital Content Moderation To Take Advantage Of

The method of tracking and implementing a fixed algorithm and instructions to decide on whether the content is acceptable or not is termed content moderation. If an individual submits a post to an...

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The method of tracking and implementing a fixed algorithm and instructions to decide on whether the content is acceptable or not is termed content moderation. If an individual submits a post to an online resource, this will undergo a process of moderation. It will help to ensure that the post complies with the site's rules, is not offensive or unsuitable. Content screening is widely used for Internet platforms that count on posts that are contributed by its users (e.g., social media websites, web directories, blogging sites).

Since we have figured out the content moderation meaning, let's further examine which forms it has.

Types of Content Moderation

Content moderators are known to carry out formidable analysis-related tasks. Besides, they need to specify if the reported content should be deleted or saved on the online resource, and moved to an explicit hierarchy of steps. Opting for some methods of content moderation might be based on the Internet community that calls for the specified service. Brands should come under scrutiny to choose the form of moderation that meets their requirements, and the type of Internet activities they are looking to have.

  1. Pre-moderation enables you to hire a content moderator who will verify posts submitted by users before it gets published on the online platform.
  2. Post-moderation gives way to talks in actual time and instant posting since content gets reviewed after publishing.
  3. Distributed moderation involves a rating system that enables users of the Internet community to vote for certain content.
  4. Reactive moderation depends on the opinion of end-users and operates on the belief that community members vigorously delete and tag all types of unsuitable content published on the online resource.
  5. Automated moderation operates by using certain screening software to filtrate specific abusive expressions and multimedia.

How Does Content Moderation Function?

Content can pass moderation with the help of employing people to review user-generated posts by hand, or artificial intelligence (AI). It depends on such factors:

  1. The kind of posts or Internet community that are passing screening;
  2. The terms, expressions, or images that an entrepreneur or a company admits and denies;
  3. The overall scope of user-generated content that a company should process every day.

Considering content moderation best practices, detailed instructions should be supplied with the bulk and limitation of user posts. For example, a company or an individual forbids the use of expressions associated with kidnapping together with terms that mean children's food. People who are answerable for tracking messages from subscribers and members of the Internet community will consider this when choosing what kind of screening techniques are acceptable. All content comes under scrutiny so that moderators determine which posts to authorize out of those that are flagged as spam. If the posts are abusive and break the regulations of the community, moderators remove them. Besides manual moderation, AI can also be used to enhance how online resources are managed. From the very beginning, AI has fundamentally changed content moderation definition for platforms dealing with great bulks of user posts. There are different AI-based plagiarism checking and content writing tools available online. They help moderators ensure content quality before using it online. An online plagiarism checker helps the moderator to determine the uniqueness of posts before publishing them online. In this way, the moderator can easily figure out whether the user's post is worthy of publication or not. According to the 2020 Statista survey, 10.8 million videos were removed from YouTube due to the automated flagging process.


Besides verifying user-generated content, qualified moderators should be able to contribute to beneficial interaction with online community members. Screening is not limited to the content but involves the people who make up a business audience online. The most comprehensive answer to the question of what is content moderation is the integration of scrutiny processes that verify all types of content submitted by users to provide maximum security of the online resources.

Only qualified experts with specialist expertise can rise to content moderation challenges. So ensure you opt for content moderation at Accenture for the improvement of how your website is regulated.

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