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Powering Tomorrow's Gaming Quest. Together.

Ubisoft creates immersive gaming sagas; Helpware masters the art of player satisfaction alchemy. How about teaming up for a combo move to elevate the player experience to legendary levels? Our agents, fueled by passion and expertise, bridge every language gap and understand every joystick twitch. We're not just game support; we're gaming allies.

Success of Ubisoft with Global, Gamer-Centric Support

Our global crew is geared 24/7 for every gamer's need, speaking any language, anytime, from anywhere.


Masters of the gaming realm

We are pros in scoring goals, and executing leaps of faith in the support world. We know what makes players rage, and what earns a GG.


Leveling up with agility and speed

Whether it's the surge from a game launch, updates, or the occasional bug-induced chaos, we adjust swiftly, ensuring your players always have a helping hand.


Boosted support for every gamer

With a crew handpicked like a dream esports team, we're available 24/7, speaking every language, and ready for any gamer, from the noobs to the pros. 


Global Linguistic Mastery

Spanning four continents, our diverse hubs recruit top-notch agents proficient in an array of languages, ensuring every client feels heard and understood.

Smooth Gaming Journey: From Start to Stellar Victory

From fluid in-game support to meticulous backend mechanics, we guarantee every gaming session feels legendary.

Customer Support Services:

  • In-Game Assistance

    Assisting players with in-game challenges, tasks, and other elements.

  • Game Purchase and Download Support

    Helping users with purchasing, downloading, and installing games.

  • Account Management Support

    Assisting players with their account details, password resets, etc.

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Offering support in multiple languages to cater to your global audience.

  • Feedback Collection

    Gathering and processing player feedback to aid in game improvement.


Tech Support Services:

  • Troubleshooting

    Assisting users facing technical glitches, crashes, or other software-related issues.

  • Performance Optimization Guidance

    Helping players optimize their hardware and software settings for the best gaming experience.

  • Compatibility Support

    Assisting users in understanding the hardware and software requirements for different games.

  • Patch & Update Assistance

    Guiding players on installing new patches and updates.


Back Office Services:

  • Data Management

    Maintaining a vast database of player profiles, in-game purchases, and more.

  • Payment Processing & Reconciliation

    Managing in-game purchases, refunds, and ensuring accurate financial records.

  • Fraud Detection & Management

    Implementing checks and balances to prevent fraudulent in-game transactions.

  • Content Management

    Regularly updating in-game content, patch notes, and promotional content.

  • Community Management

    Engaging with the Ubisoft community through forums and other platforms, managing discussions, and relaying feedback to the development team.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Analyzing player behavior, sales metrics, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide business and game development strategies.


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