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How To Outsource Customer Service The Right Way?

Although outsourcing customer service is used everywhere in business, its incorrect use leads to many drawbacks that have a destructive effect on the productivity of company processes. These risks...

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Although outsourcing customer service is used everywhere in business, its incorrect use leads to many drawbacks that have a destructive effect on the productivity of company processes. These risks include the threat of non-compliance with confidentiality. In these cases, the outsourcing company's services fall below the level required by the customer, the need to spend more time to resolve problems in urgent situations or emergencies, and others. On the other hand, correct and qualitative outsourcing enables increasing the efficiency of the entire enterprise and using the released organizational, financial, and human resources to develop the new directions or concentration of the efforts not requiring increased attention. The main criterion for the transfer of any business process or business function to outsourcing is, of course, the presence of a competitive environment. A monopolist is rarely customer-oriented and cares about providing a competitive price for its services, but the quality of its customer service is often an inversion to the quantity. When the level of customer care drops, the clientele switches to a competitive brand in search of better support.

Due to the Computer economics, IT outsourcing statistics 2019/2020 demonstrated several statistical results:

  • Application outsourcing in the context of cost and quality of service has improved quite a lot, taking into account the last few years.
  • 25% of respondents think the service is better, 59% think it is the same, and only 16% say it is worse compared to the in-house service.

Statistics show that the revenue from application outsourcing will reach US$108,748.6m in 2021. Grand View Research predicts the global business process outsourcing market to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2027. Current trends in customer service outsourcing indicate that it has become an optional solution for companies and a necessity. In this regard, it is crucial to realize how and when it is correct to use outsourcing.

When Does Outsourcing Customer Support Make Sense?

To outsource your customer service successfully and correctly and achieve competitive results, you must first be aware of its importance, the risks entailed by its neglect and apply the following steps rationally.

Set Clear Goals

Above all, it is necessary to realize the primary objective of outsourcing for its successful use and formulate it clearly:
- reducing the level of costs
- reducing the volume of tasks for your employees
- the performance of client support by specialists.
Keep in mind the legal details to ensure all levels of security that may arise during the process. In addition, remember that corporate policies may also limit the release of particular client personal data to a third party.

Focus On Your Customer

Productive interaction between the company and the client should be an advantage. Once you understand your customers and their priority needs, you can choose the outsourcing company based on this information. When you question how much does it costs to outsource customer service in the first place rather than what benefits the customer will get from your cooperation, you lose your business advantage. Therefore, priority to the customer should be a constant of your collaboration with the outsourcing partner company.

Choose The Best Outsourcing Provider For Your Needs

When choosing between customer service outsourcing companies, it is necessary to conduct analytical research. Also, it is essential to study such companies and their operating models to achieve this goal. Among the factors that you need to pay special attention to are the following:

  • the priority for multilingual support service when working with foreign-oriented companies;
  • the outsourcing provider's use of an omnidirectional channel approach and methods;
  • the qualification level of service providers;
  • quality should come first, ignoring possible financial gain to keep risks at bay.

Pursue Perfection

The desire to avoid unnecessary expenses during in-house support staff training should be offset by a provider who fully understands your company's cultural and high-quality service standards. Above all, focus on the new partner if you want to redesign your business according to your goals.

Monitor The Progress Of Outsourcing

An analysis of your cooperation should accompany the process of working with a new partner to ensure that the given categories of service and quality are as promised. For this, there is a simple strategy of orientation:

  • assessing the level of customer satisfaction;
  • the ticket number distributed;
  • the time spent on one task;
  • time spent responding to a customer's request.

Even after outsourcing, it is rational to participate in service tasks. Although the level of in-depth will change, it remains your responsibility to manage the results. Taking a critical look at the quality of the partner firm's work will be the determining factor in evaluating the performance of the overall progress.

Maintain Communication With The Partner Firm

When it comes to customer service, it pays to understand the importance of mutually beneficial communication. After outsourcing several tasks, you should make sure that there is effective communication about what you are interested in, especially if it concerns any changes in the customer's tasks or requests. For your part, make sure that you are communicating back to them. It would be rational to use an outsource customer service call center for this purpose. Most importantly, relevant company information must be fully and immediately available to your partner to guide them to the highest standard of customer service.


The prospects of using outsourcing demonstrate an increase in the level of company productivity at different levels: disposing of financial challenges, releasing human resources from multiple responsibilities, making the client the priority. Despite the risks of interacting with a partner outsourcing firm, it is necessary to focus on a correct and considered approach to your cooperation. It is essential for mid-sized companies and especially emerging companies to understand how to outsource customer service and turn it into an advantage over monopolists, using the step-by-step strategy we have provided in this article. It's important to note that outsourced customer service for small businesses is a way to improve your company's competitiveness in the marketplace. Keeping in mind the dominant role of outsourcing in today's business industry, it is worth paying attention to using our professional services to modernize your operations and are focused on quality results.

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